Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two-Fer Tuesday #27: A Monster

It's Tuesday, which means another Two Fer Tuesday.  If you're not acquainted with the rules, I use a random number generator to pick a page and paragraph to pluck two sentences from.  Let's see what we get this week.

Page Number: 99
graph Number: 8
I'll admit I cheated on this one to give you something spookier, it being Devil's Night and all.

Emma turned around, but there was something terribly wrong with her eyes.  They no longer had an iris or a pupil; they had become entirely gold-colored.

If you want more than just two puny sentences, you can now buy the whole book for just $2.99! 

Tomorrow is a spooky Halloween post that I wrote in July about one of my greatest fears...


  1. This is a great excerpt for this time of years. Spooky....

  2. I remember that part of the book. It was awesome -- a very unexpected turn.

  3. Freaks me out when peoples' eyes change.

  4. Nice excerpt and perfect for Halloween.



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