Sunday, March 3, 2013

Box Office Blitz: Week 8 Results!

I guess Jack the Giant Slayer is the new "John Carter"--a big budget movie that's pretty much tanked.  Maybe early March is just a crappy time for people wanting to watch movies?  Or maybe people are tired of gritty fairy tale reboots.  I know I am.

Anyway, the results were:

  1. Jack the Giant Slayer $28M
  2. Identity Thief $10M
  3. 21 and Over $9M

So far it seems like Identity Thief is the biggest movie of 2013.  Who'd have thunk that?  Not me, that's for sure.

Anyway, I picked:
  • Jack the Giant Slayer $25M
  • Last Exorcism 2 $15M
  • 21 and Over $12M
I got 1 and 3 right, so that's 200 points for me.

Briane Pagel picked:
1. 21 and Over: $15 million
2. Last Exorcism 2, $12 million.
3. Jack The Giant... $8 million.

That's 50 points for 21 and Over and 50 for Jack, which makes 100 points.

Rusty Carl picked:
1. Jack the Giant Slayer - $28 mil
2. Last Exorcism - $18 mil
3. 21 and Over - $11 mil

He also gets 200 points.

Leader Tony Laplume picked:
1. Jack the Giant Slayer ($25 mil)
2. 21 and Over ($15 mil)
3. The Last Exorcism Part II ($13 mil)

That's 100 for Jack and 50 for 21 and Over for 150 points.

Michael Offutt picked:
1) Jack the Giant Slayer ($19 million)
2) The Last Exorcisim Part 2 ($18 million)
3) 21 and over (10 million).

Also 200 points for 1 and 3.

Stephen Hayes picked:
Jack the Giant Slayer---$28 million
Argo--$15 million
The Last Exorcism--$12 million

That's 100 points for #1 and 0 for the rest.

And lastly Andrew Leon picked:
1. Jack the Giant Slayer -- $30m
2. Last Exorcism -- $16m
3. Identity Thief -- $9m

That's 100 for Jack and 50 for Identity Thief.  150 points.

And the winner for the first time ever is Rusty Carl!  He got the total for Jack right on the dot, which is better than me or Michael.

As for the bonus question, I asked you if the #1 movie would take in twice as much as last week's.  And just by a hair it did!  Rusty and Stephen Hayes were the only 2 to actually say YES so by default Stephen gets the 200 points.

There's no change in the leaderboard, but Rusty has now solidified his hold on fourth place.  Here are the results:

Box Office Blitz


8 Total
Tony Laplume 150 3200
Andrew Leon 150 2550
PT Dilloway 200 2450
Rusty Carl 700 1800
Maurice Mitchell 0 800
Briane Pagel 100 700
Stephen Hayes 300 700
Michael Offutt 200 600
Donna Hole 0 200
David P King 0 200

1800 13200

 It will be interesting next week to see how Disney's Oz movie fairs.  Maybe the bonus question next week will be if it will top John Carter's opening weekend.


  1. Rusty actually ruined my whole thing, because I was gonna say 28 for Jack but didn't want to guess the same as him. It threw my whole plan off.

  2. I think I moved up a place. Yeah!

  3. I'll go on record that Oz will indeed be great and powerful at the box office.

  4. Congrats to Rusty on his first win!

  5. Thank you! Thank you! First, I'd like to think all the little people that made all this possible. The fine folks at Sony, Fox, Disney, um, Warner Bros, whoever... for allowing me this forum to share my predictive skillset with the rest of the word.

    Now, the first question I usually get is, "How did you get to be so awesome?" I assume it's a question related to my preternatural skill to select box office receipts, and not a question of my overall awesomeness. But I answer it the only way I know how to.

    "I'm just better at it than everyone else."

    Case in point, I picked Jack and the Beanstalk exactly. Most folks would have to at least cast some bones and gut a chicken to get that much...

    Where was i? I might have been blinded for a moment with my stunning victory. Will this trivia last all year? Is that when the champion is crowned?



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