Monday, March 4, 2013

Comic Captions 3/4/13

It's another Comic Captions, where you get to recaption a comic book panel for your own amusement--and hopefully that of other people.

This is from Justice League #16

Ocean Master:  I hope you don't mind I brought a few friends?

Now it's your turn!

And just for fun, here's a little craft project I worked on Sunday:

I bought an X-Men Hope Summers action figure and devised how to make it look more like a Scarlet Knight action figure.  Here's what the base figure looked like (minus a little poncho dealie I had to remove with a utility knife):

And here's what it looks like after I run it through some color filters and such in Paint Shop Pro:
It would look more Scarlet Knight-y if it weren't for the stripes on her costume and if I had a yellow cape.  Maybe at some point I'll go buy some paint and recolor her for real!


  1. "Call a plumber to fix this overflowing toilet before we all drown!"

  2. " there someone behind me?" Sweet action figure mod man. I used to use Paint Shop Pro, but I'm totally into GIMP now. Not only is it free and has more features, but it's fully compatible with Photoshop filters.

  3. I bet Andrew could tell you how to repaint it. His posts on those miniature paintings made him sound like he knows his stuff.

    Comic captioning time.

    "Dude, we specifically reserved this pool! Private party!"

    "That's not a trident. THIS is a trident!"

    "'Bout time you got here. That pipe burst an hour ago. Speedy Plumbing, my ass!"

  4. "All this could be yours!"

    (To be accompanied by the rest of the sequence from Monty Python and the Holy Grail via an asterisk and an extended note.)

  5. "You have any idea how heavy this cape is right now? They said not to get it wet, but damn, I had no idea."

  6. "Release the Kraken!"

    I always love it when they say that in a movie.

    Your action figure looks great. Just like I imagined her.

  7. That's a really cool action figure. With 3D printing, pretty soon it will be affordable to buy one and make your own action figures at home. Right now they are pretty costly, but as with most things, the price will come down as the technology improves.

    CAPTION: "Call me Ishmael"

  8. I was going to try some fish puns to form a caption. However, I began to flounder and just for the halibut, I shall move on.

    I bet you have fun with that action figure, eh PT....



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