Friday, July 5, 2013

Phony Photos: July

NOTE:  If you haven't gotten your Box Office Blitz picks in yet, you still have today to do it!  And if you're eligible for a free ebook, be sure to let me know which one you want!

From my SIMply the Best calendar it's July's page!  Now we move on from Stacey Chances to three characters from my story "Perfect Worlds".  If you've really paid attention to this blog since the inception of Phony Photos then you'll recognize a couple in this set.

The two on the right already appeared on the first Phony Photos segments back in 2012.  On the bottom right is teenage Val looking geeky.  Above that is a slightly older Val in her "military" uniform that's actually a pilot uniform.  In the center is Val with longer hair and the sexy version of the uniform.  And then on the left is Val in her 30s, looking a bit geekier again as she goes domestic.  Circle of life, people!

And again here's what they'd look like in the Sims 3:

Next month will also be a little familiar, at least one of them.


  1. You've spent a lot of time building this characters, both with pictures and words. I bet these people seem very real to you.

  2. These are very cool Pat. It looks like you're more comfortable with Sims 3 than before.



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