Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Two Cent Tuesday: Alternate Universes

If I lived in an alternate universe where people actually gave a crap about anything I wrote and the Tales of the Scarlet Knight and Chances Are serieses became insanely popular, then maybe I could have gone on writing them a little longer.

Actually there are a number of alternatives in which the Scarlet Knight series could have continued:

  • Order of the Scarlet Knight:  if you'd bothered to read volume 0 then you'd have known that the Order of the Scarlet Knight has been around for about 4000 years.  So obviously there could have been different stories (even subseries) about previous Scarlet Knights
  • Tales of the Coven:  the coven has also been around for 4000 or so years, so you could have another series all about the witches who have come and gone.  I did actually write a prequel that focused on Sylvia mostly from when she was "born" at the beginning of the 16th Century up to the early 20th Century.  But there could have been more with other characters.
  • I am Iron Man...kinda.
  • Tales of the Black Dragoon:  Hey the Dragoon's been around for a long time too, so why not have a series all about the bad guys?
  • Tim Cooper's Iron Man:  If you'd ever read volume 8 then you'd know that during that Tim Cooper (whom you'd only know if you read volume 5) built a suit that's kind of like an Iron Man/Steel thing that mimicked much of what the Scarlet Knight could do only without magic.  At the end he goes to a parallel universe and thus all his fun adventures could continue.
  • Marie Marsh, Time Lord:  Marie sort of disappears after volume 2 (mostly because she was killed in the original draft) but since she's still technically alive, she could use her powers to traverse time and space to do all sorts of crazy shit.
  • The Next Generation:  In volume 6 we peek ahead 20 years to when Emma's daughter is the Scarlet Knight, so we could do a series set in that time.
  • Heretic:  If you'd read volume 7 then you'd know about the Heretics, a group of almost-witches who work as assassins.  Like DC's "Talon" series one Heretic could go rogue and tangle with her sisters and such.

  • And of course there are plain old sequels.  There was plenty of room for Emma to go on as the Scarlet Knight if I were so inclined.
  • As for Chances Are, I could easily do a sequel for that as well.  I've always wondered what would happen to Stacey if she got knocked up.  I'm not sure where that would go, and at this point I don't really care.
Anyway, those were just some ideas I'd had.  But obviously none of that will ever happen now.  There will be slight continuation of sorts to the Scarlet Knight series this November in the Flash Fiction Fest, so look forward to that.


  1. Maybe you need to start the rumor the P.T. Dilloway is secretly J.K. Rowling.

  2. Well, perhaps experiment with different genres. Ideally something popular. It's clear that books with magic or anything speculative don't sell as well as ones that are more mainstream. Wide appeal seems to be the key.

  3. What about - and I'm just putting this out there - 'Tales Of Scarlet Chance'?



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