Saturday, October 5, 2013

Progress Report

In theory today I should be finishing the second Girl Power story subtitled The Impostors.  If I slack off and don't finish it today then hopefully I'll finish it this weekend at some point.  Then I can start editing it.  There I'm sure a lot of typos and a couple of plot holes to fix up.  The "reviewer" who bitched the first one wasn't "deep enough" like Watchmen might be slightly happier this time around as there are a couple more twists this time around.  Though still, to expect a ludicrous idea like this to be anything like Watchmen is just fucking stupid if you ask me, but then much of the reading public is pretty stupid, Grumpy Bulldog says, biting the hand that feeds him.  Well really I don't make enough money off writing to feed me, so there.

So that puts the total at three stories I wrote this year, despite saying I was going to retire.  But then the old problem came back in the summer of "what the hell else are you going to do?"  I mean in summer on weekends there's nothing on TV.  There weren't that many movies I wanted to watch.  Driving around aimlessly is only fun for so long before you run out of directions in which to drive aimlessly that you haven't been before.

Along with the editing, I also have to work on the cover, which is always a pain.  When I was poking around a found a one-piece image for the girl half, but for some reason I can't find a guy to go with it, so I still had to jury-rig that one.  I found a screaming guy and put a mask on him.  He's screaming so you know he's the bad guy.  Plus his half is darker while the girl half is brighter, sort of a white hats versus black hats kind of thing.  Because that's what it's all about, the good (female) Super Squad versus their evil male counterparts.  There are possibly more fight scenes in this one too, though I'd hesitate to call them slugfests between the girls and guys.  It does beg the question of how do you kill Superman or the Flash?  Aquaman and Batman are pretty easy since they're largely normal people.  Whenever it comes out, you'll just have to find out.

At some point I might get around to the third one.  I'm still working it out.  Right now it's like I took a jigsaw puzzle and emptied the box out onto the table.  There are a lot of pieces, but as yet they don't form much of a picture.

At this point I'd probably include a bunch of pictures from the Sims 3 but since the computer that was running the Sims 3 is somewhere in upstate New York (or by now who knows where) being re-refurbished I can't do that.  I'm sure Offutt is stoked.


  1. If part of the reason you're doing the writing is for the actual enjoyment of doing it then it's hard to retire from it.

  2. And if you retired you'd have nothing to do all winter either. Hey look, you've got three novels out :)


  3. As I write this i'm reminded of how many times I've given up writing. Unfortunately it's as compelling as heroin.



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