Sunday, November 24, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 20 Results!

As predicted it wasn't even a contest this week.  "Catching Fire Catches Fire" or some variation thereof is the headline every hack headline writer will be using this week.  Meanwhile Thor 2 dropped another 60% after a 57% drop the week before.  As I said, Mouse House should be worried.

The estimated results are:
Catching Fire $161M
Thor 2 $14.1M
Best Man Holiday $12.5M

And my awesome picks were:
  1. Hunger Games 2 $100M
  2. Thor 2 $18M
  3. Best Man Holiday $15M
Though admittedly I was way off on the dollar amounts.  It's still a trifecta.

And thanks for all the birthday wishes and Tweets.  Everyone (but me) will get 100 extra points this week.

Maurice Mitchell picked:
1. Hunger Games 2 $98M
2. Thor: The Dark World $23M
3. Best Man Holiday $16M

That's also a trifecta plus 100 bonus for 1000 points.

David Walston picked:
1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire $180M
2 .Thor: The Dark World $18M
3. The Best Man Holiday 15M

That's also 1000 points

Michael Offutt picked:
1) The Hunger Games $110 million
2) Thor $21 million
3) The Best Man Holiday $18 million

Also 1000 points

Briane Pagel picked:
1. Hunger Games 2: Hunger Boogaloo. (That joke never gets old): $80mil.
2. Dallas Buyer's club $20 mil
3. 500 Vince Vaughns: $10 mil.

That's 200 for Hunger Games 2 plus 100 bonus for 300 points.  Though if I could I'd give him a million bonus points for the birthday emails and tweets.  (OK I could but that wouldn't be fair to everyone else.)

Andrew Leon picked:
1. Catching Fire: $155m
2. Thor 2: $16m
3. Best Man Holiday: $15m

That's also 1000 points.

Chris Dilloway picked:
Hunger games 2 - $142m
Thor 2 - $16m
Best Man - $10m

That's also 1000 points

Rusty picked:
Catching Fire: $130 mil
Thor 2: $17 mil
Best Man Holiday - $16 mil

That's also 1000 which clinches the regular season win for Rusty.  Congrats!  Now he can rest up for the playoffs.

Andrew Leon picked the closest on the Hunger Games 2 so he gets the extra 300 for the round.

Here are the updated standings going into the final week of the regular season:

Box Office Blitz


Season 2

20 Total
1 Rusty Carl 1000 14200
2 David Walton 1000 12300
3 Chris Dilloway 1000 11700
4 Andrew Leon 1300 10700
5 Maurice Mitchell 1000 10100
6 PT Dilloway 900 9900
7 Michael Offutt 1000 7400
8 Briane Pagel 300 6200
9 PK Hrezo  0 600

7500 83100

I doubt we'll see any changes in the seeding unless some people forget to play while others do really well.  BTW, I'm posting Week 21 on Tuesday so you can make your picks before the holidays.


  1. is it shaping up to be a brother v brother playoff match?? lol

  2. Dueling brothers? If I dueled with my brother there would be bloodshed.

  3. Rusty may have won IN POINTS, but I won IN SPIRIT, and winning in spirit is just like losing.

    (Think that saying will catch on?)

  4. Sweet! What a glorious comeback after a subpar first half year.

    And I'm ok with Briane getting the spirit award.



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