Saturday, November 16, 2013

NaNoWhineMo Week 2

In Week 2 I was determined to bounce back from a lackluster Week 1 of Nano.  The problem I've had since I moved last time is finding somewhere to write in the morning.  There's no library open on Saturdays around here close by.  I tried Panera Bread once but it was too busy.

I decided to just do what I used to do and go to the Starbucks of a Target near where I used to live.  I still didn't get started until 11 because I bought a Blu Ray player finally.  When I got a new computer with a Blu Ray drive I stupidly thought there would actually be an app on there to play Blu Rays.  I had a couple at home from Netflix/Blockbuster and it seemed I could either pay $40 for a program to watch them on my 17" computer screen or I could go pay a little more to get a real Blu Ray player to watch them on my 30-something" TV.  Since I was probably going to do that at some point in the near future, might as well get it over with.

Anyway, so last week I actually got a couple thousand words done before 3pm.  Then from 3-8ish I was at an Arby's writing some more.  When I got home I finished out the chapter I was on which took longer than I intended to because it went in some strange directions, probably because I was tired.

The upshot is that I went from 13,XXX words all the way up to 25,500 words, which is over halfway to the Nano goal.  So there.  I had Friday off for "Veteran's Day" (aka hunting season) and managed to get started early enough that I got about 11,000 more words.  With a few thousand during the week, it's up to 42,7000.  So in theory I should be able to break 50,000 today.

The story is at that point where it's split into a whole bunch of different plots, something that happened to a couple of the Scarlet Knight stories.  It gets kind of annoying to juggle it all.  That's definitely when you need an outline to keep track of it.

A large part of the story focuses on the Super Squad Auxiliary.  These are basically "reformed" girl versions of supervillains who are recruited by a sidekick to battle other supervillains.  Here's what the rough drafts of what they look like:

Here's the fearless leader Melanie Amis known as Midnight Spectre's sidekick the Outcast who has a whole Catwoman thing going on:
And here's the world-class assassin Diane Giordano, known as Hitter

And the science whiz Tonya Kelsey, also called Ion Girl

And the She-Hulk-ish cavewoman Garlak, also known as Neanderthal

The new Mermaid isn't part of the Auxiliary through most of it but she shows up near the end with her sister:

Next week I'll post some of the other new characters.  You're so thrilled.


  1. You've been doing better than me, but I'm in the midst of a rally, so hopefully by this time next week I'll be in pretty good shape.

  2. I can understand just how important an outline would be for keeping all the plot lines connected and in proper sequence.

  3. Well, not all of us are as productive as you. Me, for example.

  4. Wow. 42,000+ words in 16 days. That's impressive. Sounds like the story is really coming along well.

  5. Hmm... I wrote, maybe, 1000 words this week. That's why I'm NaNoing.



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