Monday, July 28, 2014

Comic Captions Returns!!!

I'll admit I've just about run through my stockpile of entries.  It's summer and I'm busy and who really gives a shit about blogs right now, amIright?  So here you go, the return of Comic Captions, where I post a panel from a comic book and you put in a funny caption--or at least try.

So here we go.  This is one of the extras from last year I had lying around; I have no idea anymore what issue it's from.

My caption:  Go ahead, make the obvious joke.

Now it's your turn!  Caption it in the comments.


  1. Monsters INC. loaned me this model.

  2. It's my monster suit.

    I don't have anything good for it. But the image looks familiar. Do you at least know what series it's from?

    1. It's from Kevin Smith's Green Arrow run. I don't know what issue. I used one with the same monster in it at some point.

  3. "Ah, damn. This isn't what you think."

  4. "If you didn't have 8 foot talk closets here I wouldn't have to date a wompa just to reach a board game.

  5. "Who's up for a game of 'Onopoly'?"

  6. "So that's what you meant by 'being in the closet.'"



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