Monday, August 4, 2014

Poll: The Superior Batman

Recently I added another Batman figure to my action figure collection:  the Batman of Planet X or Batman of Zur-en-Arrh.  (The one in the Mardi Gras costume of purple, red, and yellow.)  He appeared in a 50s comic and then was resurrected by Grant Morrison for Batman RIP in 2008.  I wanted a figure of him after I read that in 2012 but I guess it took another year and then a year for me to find out it existed.  There was also a Lego version at ComicCon this year.

Anyway, this begs the question:  which Batman would win in a fight?
Right to left:  Classic Batman, Azrael, Original Azrael Batman, Final Azrael Batman, Batman of Zur-en-Arrh

Here are the contenders:
Classic Batman:
Weapon:  Batarang
Armor:  None
Attack style:  Totally ninja!

Batman of Zur-en-Arrh
Weapon:  Baseball bat
Armor:  None
Attack style:  Berserker!  

Azrael Batman:
Weapons:  Dart guns, Flamethrower
Armor:  Bulletproof, Fireproof
Attack style:  Brute force

So in a Battle for the Cowl who do you think would win?

My pick is Azrael Batman.  I don't care that he "lost" in the comics; Bruce Wayne beat him with words more than fists.  In an actual fight he might not have ninja skills but he has almost Iron Man-level armor with dart guns and freaking flamethrower!  Flamethrower>Batarang/Baseball bat.  But you may feel differently.

Let the debate commence!

(For the record, the Scarlet Knight could take all of them because she's got ninja skills, impenetrable armor, and a magic sword.)


  1. I have no idea who any of these are. Except original Batman, of course. but I think you just invented a new genre of comics

    1. The Batman of Zur-en-Arrh is Classic Batman in extreme survival mode. If his psychological defenses have been completely compromised, this is basically his backup mode.

  2. Azrael. I mean, come on. Flamethrower vs baseball bat.

    And is Superman doing push-ups?

  3. Batman of Zur-en-Arrh would totally win and would have great one-liners too.

  4. Classic FTW! Why?
    The others are in name only.

  5. It depends on whose comic it's in.
    And who the writer likes best.
    Mighty Mouse!

  6. Batman's greatest weapon is his intellect. In the DC universe he's basically Reed Richards smart. So I'm going with classic Batman as he's the smartest.



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