Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Name A Book, Win a Prize!

Not long after the new year I opened PowerPoint 2013 to look for some clipart and found out that Microsoft had gotten rid of the Office clipart!  This was inconceivable to me since they'd had clipart for at least 20 years, back when I was first using Office in high school.  And then bam some pinhead accountant decides it's too expensive and it's gone!

But the other day I had the chance to use PowerPoint 2007 and for the hell of it decided to see if maybe it still had clipart.  Which it did...sort of.  There weren't nearly as many pictures and at least one had a stock photo watermark on it.  I did manage to download a few that might be future book covers.  Which is where you (possibly) come in!

There are a few I haven't thought of a use for yet, so I thought maybe I'd have a sort of caption contest.  Basically you come up with a book title inspired by the cover.  The catch is it should be for one of MY books.  As in gender swap erotica books.  Which maybe you have some moral hangup about that.  In which case, no one is making you play.

Anyway, if I like your title and use it then I'll give you a copy of the book and give you props inside.  And if you have some objection to that, you can always use a code name or something.

My titles basically fall into 3 categories:

Transformed Into a _______ (Girl)
My _____ Changed Me Into a _______ (Girl)!
I've Become My _______ (Girl) Fantasy!

You can always freelance too, but nothing too subtle.  Here are the images I haven't used yet:

Put your suggestion in the comments and if I pick yours I'll send you an email.  Good luck!

Oh and with one of the clipart images I got an idea for my next book:
I'm just kidding...or am I?  Who would sue me first, Laplume or Zooey Deschanel's camp?


  1. Given that woman who wrote the Gronk erotica, I think you SHOULD go for "Transformed into a Movie Star...". If you can't do "Zooey Deschanel," do something close. "Transformed Into Zoe Chanel."

  2. "I've Become My Hippie Chick Fantasy!"

  3. Better:

    "Like Wow, I've Become My Hippie Chick Grandmother At Woodstock!"

    These are for the last pic.

  4. How about a football player that gets changed into a cheerleader?

    "Transformed into a cheerleader."

  5. "Transformed into a White Nerd" would be a killer horror story.



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