Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Do You Know More About DC Comics Than a Robot Chicken Writer?

Recently Adult Swim aired the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Volume 3, which I missed so I bought it on Amazon.  There was also a free segment you can "buy" separately where the writers for Robot Chicken attempt to answer 20 questions about the DC Universe.  Surprisingly though I only really started reading comics like 3 years ago, I knew most of the answers, so it wasn't actually that difficult.

Since you don't probably know a lot of the answers, I'll make it sporting and use multiple choice.  If you get them all right you win...self-respect.

Here we go.  Starting with an easy one.

1.  Clark Kent is the alter-ego of which hero?
A.  Batman
B.  Superman
C.  Aquaman
D.  Green Lantern

2.   Who killed Batman's parents Thomas and Martha Wayne?
A.  Joe Chill
B.  The Joker
C.  Someone Else
D.  Depends on the version of the story.

3.  What is the name of Wonder Woman's mother?
A.  She-Ra
B.  Hera
C.  Hippolyta
D.  Athena

4.  Which DC Comics hero's father died in a plane crash?
A.  Green Lantern
B.  Green Arrow
C.  Red Tornado
D.  Cyborg

5.  What city does the Barry Allen Flash call home?
A.  Keystone City
B.  Star City
C.  Coast City
D.  Central City

6.  Which speedster went by the name Siegfriend the Speedster?
A.  Jay Garrick
B.  Barry Allen
C.  Wally West
D.  Professor Zoom

7.  Who crippled Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) in The Killing Joke?
A.  The Penguin
B.  The Riddler
C.  The Joker
D.  Commissioner Gordon

8.  In the comic titled "Sacrifice" who did Wonder Woman kill?
A.  Malcolm Merlin
B.  Maxwell Lord
C.  Monty Hall
D.  Matt Murdock

9.  What is the name of the prison in Gotham City?
A.  Arkham Asylum
B.  Blackgate Prison
C.  Supermax Prison
D.  Both A & B are acceptable

10.  Which villain once was elected president of the US?
A.  Solomon Grundy
B.  Harvey Dent
C.  Lex Luthor
D.  Donald Trump

11.  Where does Nth metal come from?
A.  Thanagar
B.  The Fifth Dimenson
C.  Apokalips
D.  Who the fuck knows?

12.  Which Green Lantern is from Planet Bolovax Vik?
A.  Killowog
B.  Sinestro
C.  Mogo
D.  The squirrel-looking one

13.  What is Batman Incorporated?
A.  A TV Show
B.  A short-lived comic book series by Tony Laplume favorite Grant Morrison
C.  A company to franchise Batmans (Batmen?) around the world
D.  Both B & C

14.  Connor Hawke is the son of which hero?
A.  Hawkman
B.  Green Arrow
C.  Speedy
D.  Green Lantern

15.  The first appearance by any Green Lantern was in which comic book?
A.  Action Comics
B.  Radio Comics
C.  Detective Comics
D.  All-American Comics

16.  The alter-ego of Captain Thunder was originally who?
A.  Donna Troy
B.  Dick Grayson
C.  Billy Batson
D.  Clark Kent

17.  Who killed Superman in the comics?
A.  Lex Luthor
B.  Doomsday
C.  Lois Lane
D.  Bizarro

18.  When did Lois and Clark get married in the comics?
A. 1986
B.  2015
C.  2002
D.  1996

19.  Which villain discovered Batman's secret identity by deduction?
A.  The Riddler
B.  Hugo Strange
C.  Ra's al Guhl
D.  Both B &C

20.  Which member of the Minutemen (from the Watchmen series) dated Hooded Justice?
A.  Dr. Manhattan
B.  The Comedian
C.  Silk Spectre
D.  Nite Owl

And now the answers:
B, D, C, A, D, A, C, B, D, C, A (D is also acceptable), A, D, B, D, C, B, D, D, D

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  1. I've never really read comics, so I only know things from the occasional movie. So I failed. However, I found some of the answers interesting.



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