Friday, September 9, 2016

Casting Couch: Chance of a Lifetime

Lots of would-be authors talk about who they would cast in a movie of their book.  I haven't really done that since Where You Belong and then I think it was because it was part of an interview with someone's blog.  Now a days I don't bother because I figure it will never happen.

But in my mini-review of Criminal on Wednesday I considered the many body-swapping movies Ryan Reynolds has done and that he might be a fit for Chance of a Lifetime as Detective Steve Fischer.  (The guy who becomes the girl.)  So that then begs the question:  who would play the other parts?

First off, who would play Stacey Chance, the girl Steve becomes?  A couple years ago I watched a movie called X:  Night of Vengeance and I thought one girl in that really had the right look for Stacey.  I guess her name is Hanna Mangan Lawrence.  At 25 she could probably still realistically pass for around 18, right?  The real question is if she can do an American accent because that movie was Australian.

What about Madison, Steve Fischer's adult daughter?  I was thinking that kid from Little Miss Sunshine, Abigail Breslin.  She's old enough now to play a girl about Stacey's age.  And I think she could bring the right amount of quirkiness to Madison, who starts off with pink hair, tattoos, and piercings and junk.  Saoirse Ronan would be another good choice.  Or Alicia Vikander, she's kind of an "it girl" right now, so why not swing for the fences?  Pretty much any of those could also play Stacey.

Madison's roommate (and lover) is a thirtysomething woman named Grace.  I've always imagined Caroline Dhavernas as Grace.  She was the lead in a short-lived Fox series called Wonderfalls.  She's also been in movies like Hollywoodland and Breach and I guess in the NBC series Hannibal, though I haven't watched that.

Steve Fischer's partner Detective Jake Madigan should be someone older and crusty who isn't adverse to doing fairly low budget movies like Bruce Willis or Kevin Costner or John Travolta.  For his kind-hearted middle-aged wife Tess someone like Allison Janney or Toni Collette would be good.  Or why not Meryl Streep or Julia Roberts?  Dream big!

Dr. Palmer is a scientist who worked on the serum that turned Steve into Stacey.  Since the lead scientist is murdered, she takes over and tries to find a way to change Stacey back.  In the book it's revealed later she's from Guatemala but really it doesn't matter that much.  And obviously our cast needs some diversity so someone of color would be good.  Viola Davis?  Jennifer Lopez?  Why not?

I've spent less time thinking about the villains.  For Artie "Lex" Luther it'd be good if we could just borrow Vincent D'Onofrio from the set of Daredevil.  I mean Luther is a mob boss who's bald so who better, right?  Or why not Samuel L Jackson?  He's in just about anything.

He has three henchmen:  Blades, Bruiser, and Tall Man.

Blades is a short, mouthy Mexican guy who uses knives.  Kind of like Danny Trejo in Machete only younger.  Who could pull that off?

Bruiser is a huge meathead who isn't all that bright.  So some WWE guy would work.  I'm not really familiar enough with that to know who.

Tall Man is a silent assassin who's tall and skinny.  You don't really need much of an actor since he doesn't have many lines.

As far as producers or directors, when I watched Lucy last year I thought Luc Besson would be a good producer since he knows how to make decent action movies with a sci-fi twist without a $400 million budget.  Then he could hire his own people for all that other stuff.  Before any of that, a script might be nice.

There you go.  It'll never happen, but whatever.  If you have any input on the various roles, don't be shy.

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