Monday, September 5, 2016

Sims I Like: The End is the Beginning

Happy Labor Day!  For this final entry, here's one of the first Sims I made in the Sims 3:  Val Kree.  Ha ha, funny name, right?  She started life in Perfect Worlds:  The Stone of Change.  She was a military pilot and also the girlfriend of Kari Chomar, previously featured in a couple of entries.  Like Kari, she gets changed a few times by a mysterious and powerful crystal.

This one is a 50s-ish teenage girl with cat's eye glasses and a sweater and poodle skirt that's not visible here.

This was based on a Sims 2 version:

I've tried a Sims 4 version but don't have the right hair and clothes yet.  I mean, here's my best crack at it so far:

This character has appeared in a few other stories with different names as one of my little in-jokes.

So there you go, Wednesday things return to "normal."


  1. I just got that the name of this series was a parody of your good buddy Andrew Leon.

    1. I only said that in the first post of the series.

  2. Hey Pat,

    Nice one and bring back the fifties! Hope you had a pleasant Labour Day, okay, Labor Day!




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