Monday, October 17, 2016

Halloween Tricks and Treats!

Halloween is coming up and yesterday I released my fifth Halloween-themed gender swap story:  Transformed for Halloween 3:  Curse of the Dead Girl.  I already showed one of the characters on Friday, the anime babe based on Sailor Moon.

A dark gender swap story not for those under 18 or those with a heart condition! Read it at your own risk.

Four frat brothers go on a beer run for the Halloween party. Greg meets his girlfriend Gretchen at the liquor store, but when his frat brothers abandon them at the store, Gretchen winds up killed in a botched robbery. One year later, the three frat brothers are turned into the objects of their darkest fantasies. But when their fantasies start to become deadly, has Gretchen come back from the other side to take her revenge?

Besides this, I also wrote another one under my other pseudonym:  Trick or Treat 2.
Now that his kids have all left the nest, Clark decides to take a year off from Halloween. Before he can get a chance to relax, though, a young woman in a witch costume shows up at his door to demand candy. When he doesn't comply, he finds out she's a real witch, who changes him and his wife into little girls. Now if they don't want to end up in diapers, they have to get a bucket of candy by midnight.
Both are $2.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited.  But wait, there's more!  Until Friday, you can get the other three Halloween-themed stories for FREE!  That's this:

Five wives, tired of their husbands' behavior, hire a witch to put a curse on them. At midnight on Halloween, the men are transformed into their wives' costumes: a little girl, a schoolgirl, a whore, a Goth girl, and a cheerleader. Now they have to spend all of Halloween in these bodies, under the control of their wives.

In every neighborhood there's a house no one wants to visit. On Waukegan Street it's the house of Old Lady Montgomery. On Halloween night Gabriel Tobman goes up to the front door of the house to play a trick on the old woman. Instead, she's the one dishing out the tricks by turning him into a girl. Now every hour he's getting four years older. The only way to end the curse and get his life back is to have thirteen orgasms by dawn. Can he make it or is he destined to become the new old lady of Waukegan Street?
And This:

As easy as stealing candy from a baby.

For Billy Knutsen this is more difficult than he thought. After he steals Halloween candy from some kids, he and his best friend are turned into little princesses who have to fill their treat bags or be stuck as girls forever.
All free!  No Kindle Unlimited needed!  So even if you never thought about reading those, now you can get them for free.  Plenty of spooky gender swapping to last you through Halloween.

BTW, this is the Dead Girl from Transformed for Halloween 3 in her German restaurant uniform:

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