Monday, January 2, 2017

A New Year, A Brand New Attitude! (Or Not) 💩💩💩💩

The dumpster fire that was 2016 is over.  Time to light fire to a whole new dumpster!  Most likely with Drumpf at the wheel that dumpster will end up being destroyed in a nuclear holocaust.  So, let's eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we could (and probably will) die!

I mean I could spend the next 4 years (or however long until WWIII with China disintegrates us all) picking on Drumpf and the evil Republican regime that's determined to kill many of the people who voted for them, but what's the point?  No one cares.  Especially not right now.  It's still the honeymoon phase.  Eventually the dupes will realize that he's not going to deliver on his crazy promises.

So instead of railing on about that, let's have some fun.  I always liked the Comic Book Challenge I ran back in 2012, but sadly even though I was offering money to the winners, people only grudgingly participated.  Still, I'm not going to be deterred.  I'm going to start a whole new trivia challenge on an even more obscure subject:  my books!

Because this blog is supposed to help sell books, remember?  So here's your new blogging schedule:

Monday:  I'll ask the weekly question relating to one of my books.  Since you probably haven't read that book--though of course you could always go and buy those books to study up--the questions will be multiple choice or true and false, something to give you a fighting chance.

Wednesday:  I'll reveal the answer.  Provided more than one person actually answers the questions, I'll total up the scores.  Let's say the first person gets 5 points, the second gets 3, and the third gets 1 point.

At the end of the year whoever has the most points will win...something.  Probably a gift card for $20 or so.  And there'll probably be something for second and third place--if applicable.

Friday:  I'm going to keep doing weekly reviews:  for me, not so much for you.

The contest starts next week, so you have time to buy some books and bone up.  Not that you will.


  1. Which books will the questions being about? If they're about the Eric Filler titles, perhaps mention the contest in your newsletter. Other than, maybe if the questions were multiple choice it might give more people a chance to at least guess.

  2. Yep, dude, let's have some fun. You stick with it, Pat. At least, like your good self and your sharing on Twitter, I can share your post and hopefully, get you more notice.

    Here's to a better year for you, good sir.




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