Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Trivia Challenge Answer #11

So the question was:  in Sisterhood, what French city do Sylvia and her sisters live in?

And the answer is:  B, Marseilles.  If you guessed D, shame on you; Brussels isn't even a French city--it's Belgian!

Sylvia and her sisters grow up on a vineyard outside of Marseilles in the 17th Century.  Sylvia befriends a young farmhand named Henri; they grow up together until Henri is killed in one of the many stupid wars of the period.

For the first time Cindy Borgne was stumped.  So she gets 0 points while Chris Dilloway picks up 5 points.  Not that it matters since next week is the last question.  By my count Cindy has 46 points and Chris has 27, which makes next week pretty meaningless I suppose. 


  1. I just wonder what you will post about when the contest is over.

    1. Well there's the A to Z thing. After that your guess is as good as mine.

  2. i still have better odds of winning that the Wings do of making the play offs lol



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