Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trivia Challenge Answer #12

The question was:  in GAIA:  Rogue State, what does GAIA stand for?

You probably figured out that C & D were not correct.  So it was between A & B.  Did you guess right?

The answer was...A, Global Autonomous Intelligence Agency

After Girl Power:  League of Evil, the world was in a shambles, so former sidekick Melanie, aka "the Outcast" recruits a former assassin, a Neanderthal (literally), a brilliant scientist, and her mom to form a spy agency that worked under the aegis of the United Nations.  Signifying its global reach was the acronym GAIA, as in Earth.  The agency was also in the volume of short stories for the Girl Power series.

I might have written more than one book in the series but I had other things to do.  Sad!

Cindy guessed A so she got 5 points for 51 points total.  She wins the Trivia Challenge!  Congratulations.

Friday the A to Z theme is revealed.



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