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Bot Picks 13: A to Z Challenge 7: Goth Girls

From April 8, 2015 (The first Goth Girl book is permafree now!)

My fascination with Goth girls I guess began with the fifth Tales of the Scarlet Knight book, Betrayal Begets Blood.  In that Agnes the witch is transported into an alternate universe where instead of a witch, she's a fat teenager with purple hair who's into all that fake witchcraft stuff.  Then in Girl Power when the Batman character becomes a teenage girl, he's given a makeover into a sort-of Goth girl, kind of mocking that whole "creature of the night" Batman thing.
So it was only natural I guess I'd dedicate one of my Transformed books to Goth Girls.  I said in a previous post that I think it's my favorite of the series and it totally is!  The first story is called "Graveyard Girls," which comes from a song:

In this case there's a band called the Graveyard Girls and when a guy listens to their record, he turns into a Goth girl!  He hooks up with another Goth girl to try to track the lead singer of the band down.

At the end of that story they visit a Goth bar that is the setting for the second story.  In that story a guy tries to convince the owner of the bar to sell out to him, but instead she turns him into a young woman who's to become her new bartender.  Mayhem ensues!

This is one of those that I wish had done better sales-wise.  I guess for purely sentimental reasons I decided to write a sequel.  I think it features my most innovative cover to date:
See how I tried to make it look sorta like a tattoo? Awesomesauce!

The first story of this is another of my black comedies.  A nerdy Goth guy is tired of being alone and reads an article about how to fashion a golem out of mud and bring it to life.  So he designs his perfect girl in the mud--only for it to come to life with the spirit of his mortal enemy, a jock guy who bullies him at school!  See the jock died in a car wreck at like the precise moment the golem was being brought to life so it used his soul.  Makes perfect sense, right?  Obviously mayhem ensues.

The second story kind of misfired.  It's sort of a ghost story in that there's a ghost who appears at this Minnesota lake every 100 years.  Two college kids are determined to film the ghost but when the guy tries to touch the ghost he's pulled into the water and emerges as a girl!  The problem here is that it takes the whole story for him to actually become a Goth girl.  Maybe you would appreciate that slow build or probably not.  It's the kind of story that was probably better in concept than in execution.  Not that it's terrible; it just didn't work out how I planned.

But hey that first one is really good even if my descriptions kind of suck.  Go buy them for $2.99 apiece on Amazon, I command you!

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  1. You're definitely onto something with these goth girls stories, Pat They're a force from above. Do they turn into loving vampires?



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