Friday, November 30, 2018

Bot Picks 14: Sims I Like: White Trash Bimbo

From September 2, 2016:

I have two Transformed Into a Bimbo books, but the bimbo I created for this entry was designed for Gender Swapped By Aliens, a goofy story I wrote with my other alias.  As you might guess, there are aliens and they gender swap a guy.  Their way to "invade" is to warp reality so that the whole planet thinks the aliens have always been their masters.  Except there's one guy who does still remember and so they keep warping his reality in the hope he'll finally forget.

At one point he becomes a bimbo secretary to a real jerk of a boss.  Since the guy used to be a shrink it was kind of a role-reversal thing besides gender swapping.

I thought this hairstyle was pretty neat for the character; it makes me think of a go-go dancer or something.  She has a really good white trash look with the tube top tied at the side and the Daisy Dukes.  The prominent crucifix is kind of ironic too, isn't it?

1 comment:

  1. You've taken bimbo to a whole new level. In a weird sort of way, I quite fancy the bimbo.




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