Friday, November 23, 2018

Bot Picks 17: The Blog Year in Review

From December 26, 2016:  (Consider it a partial sneak peek of what's to come):

Here's a curious fact:  Before August 10 I only had 2 posts this year with 100 or more views.  Since then every post through November 23rd had more than 100 views, with some having more than 300.  And yet there was no increase in comments, so can I assume it was search bots finding my blog posts?

Here are the posts the bots liked most in reverse order:

The weird thing is they're all clustered together from September 26th through October 14th with the "Goliath" entry as an outlier on October 24th.

Make of that what you will.  Happy 2017, y'all!  (Will it be worse than 2016?  Probably.)

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