Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two-Fer Tuesday #2

OK, so I promise this Two-Fer Tuesday will be far better than the last one.  If you don't know, Two-Fer Tuesday is when I randomly select two sentences of my novel A Hero's Journey and post it for you to read.

Here are the page/paragraph selections from Random.org:
Page number:  306
Paragraph number:  1

Guess what, it's the Epilogue!  So, spoiler alert!  And here we go:

The armor sped the healing of Emma’s shoulder so that by the next Monday she no longer needed to have it in a sling.  She had taken the rest of that week off as much so she wouldn’t see Dan as to recover from her shoulder wound. 

Well, now you know that our hero lives.  And that her shoulder is wounded.  Exciting things are happening, people.  Exciting things! 

If that wasn't exciting enough, tomorrow is the first-ever Superhero Trivia Challenge, where you can win $5, $1 or nothing!  (Probably nothing.)


  1. It's weird. I've always associated people who have plaster casts on with being lower class. I don't know why. But people who have a SLING I see as being more upper-crust. Like, say, Mitt Romney would have a sling while Danny Devito would have a cast.

    Fair? Who says life has to be fair?

    So now I have a good impression of your heroine.

    If I may offer one bit of advice? Nothing sells like sex, so I would liberally insert the word "sexy" into your sentences, like so:

    "The sexy armor sped the healing of Emma’s sexy shoulder so that by the next Monday she no longer needed to have it in a sexy sling. Sexy."

    That'll probably boost you five notches on Amazon. Of course, you'll still be competing with the erotic update of "Pride And Prejudice," which exists.

  2. If I was your editor, I might have suggested: "The armor made Emma's shoulder heal faster. By next Monday, she no longer needed a sling. However, she remained off work, using the time as an excuse to avoid Dan."

    I do like your writing. But just like you (when you read my stuff) I see things I might do differently.

  3. It's hard to read anything, especially my own writing, without thinking about changes, but these sentences do a good job of building my curiosity and stoking my desire for more.

  4. Well, that answers the question about what happens to her shoulder. What other spoilers will we get in coming weeks?



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