Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two Fer Tuesday #4

It's Tuesday, which means another Two Fer Tuesday.  If you're not acquainted with the rules, I use a random number generator to pick a page and paragraph to pluck two sentences from.  Let's see what we get this week.

Page Number:  203
Paragraph Number: 6

The random number generator's been working pretty well the last couple of weeks.

Tears finally leaked out of Becky’s eyes as she thought of Emma alone on the dark streets.  There were so many bad people out there, people like the ones in the alley. 

Hmmm, what's Becky crying about?  Who were the people in the alley?  Wouldn't you like to know.

Tomorrow is the fourth Wednesday, which means the first edition of Practical Superheroics...don't try this at home!!!


  1. Good stuff! Is there a release date yet?

  2. PT Why is she crying? Hmmm
    PS. I sent you a Versatile Blogger Award!



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