Monday, December 23, 2013

Box Office Blitz Final Results!

Here we go with the final round of Box Office Blitz.  Who won and who lost?  Let's find out!

The top 3 movies this weekend were:
  1. The Hobbit 2 $31.5M 
  2. Anchorman 2 $26.7M
  3. Frozen $19.6M
Frozen beat out American Hustle by just $500,000 which radically changes the scoring.

First off, some controversy with the Sacko matchup between:
#5 Maurice Mitchell &
#8 Briane Pagel

Neither one made any picks before the cutoff date.  So on Saturday I sent a Tweet to both and the first one to comment won 7th place.  That turns out to be Briane.  Which means Maurice wins the Sacko by default.  In this case, not the two sweetest words in the English language.

Next, the pointless matchup between me and David Walston

David picked:
1. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues $41M
2. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug $34M.
3. American Hustle $24M

That's 100 for Anchorman 2 and 100 for Hobbit 2 and 0 for American Hustle.  Which is 200 points

I picked:
  1. The Hobbit 2 $40M
  2. Anchorman 2 $35M
  3. American Hustle $20M
That's 200 for Hobbit 2, 300 for Anchorman 2, and 0 for American Hustle.  Which is 500 points.

I win!  Which means I move from 6th place to 5th place...oooh.

Next the 3rd place game between #1 Rusty Webb and #7 Michael Offutt
Michael picked:
1) Anchorman at $49 million
2) Desolation of Smaug at $35 million
3) American Hustle at $25 million 

That's either 200 points

Rusty picked:
Anchorman 2 $35 mil
Hobbit 2 $25 mil
American Hustle $15 mil

Also either 200.  Neither one got any movies right.  Michael is closer on the Hobbit, so I guess he wins

Finally the championship between #3 Chris Dilloway and #4 Andrew Leon
Andrew picked:
1. Anchorman 2: $39m
2. Hobbit: DoS: $32m
3. American Hustle: $20m

Which is 200 points

Chris picked:
Hobbit: $32m
Anchorman 2: $26m
American Hustle: $18m

That's 500  points.

Chris is the champion!  So a Dilloway won, just not me.

Here are the final playoff standings then:

  1. Chris Dilloway
  2. Andrew Leon
  3. Michael Offutt
  4. Rusty Webb
  5. P.T. Dilloway
  6. David Walston
  7. Briane Pagel
  8. Maurice Mitchell

Congrats to the winners and thanks everyone for playing.  As is traditional with the NCAA tourney here's One Shining Moment, the 2010 version that briefly shows my avatar Blue II.


  1. At least you get to keep that trophy in the family, and congratulations to Chris. I hope you both have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas.

  2. Sweet Victory!!! It was a fun game...might play again. Thanks to all the players. Merry Christmas all!

  3. Great job for Chris. I can live with fourth.

  4. If you finish 7th, do they still hoist up your flag? Because I've been making one. Actually, it's not so much a flag as a coat-of-arms. And to be honest, it's not so much a coat-of-arms as an old "Star Wars Kid" sweatshirt that has a coffee stain on it. But you'll hoist it, right?

    Congratulations to Chris. Sorry, Andrew. And sorry, Maurice, who by losing to me has felt a shame and humiliation never felt by anyone ever, since I have never beaten anyone at any thing before.

  5. Man, such a rough tournament. People are so much better at this than me.



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