Friday, December 20, 2013

Box Office Blitz Season 2 Finals!

At last after about a 23-week odyssey we have reached the final week for season 2 of Box Office Blitz.  Regular season victor Rusty Webb was dethroned last week by Andrew Leon while Chris Dilloway narrowly defeated the Cinderella team in Michael Offutt.  Who will be crowned the ultimate Box Office Blitz champion?

To make things more interesting we have a couple of new movies this week celebrating 70s culture--as if anyone should want to.  I'm one of those rare guys who hated the original "Anchorman."  It felt like it went on forever even though it was only 90 minutes.  The old boy-against-girl story was so shopworn too.  The previews for this second one make it seem even worse, so obviously I won't be seeing it.  Meanwhile I'm sure I'll watch "American Hustle" on DVD at some point, though watching 70s movies is such a chore because the clothes, hair, cars, and just about everything else sucks so much.

There's also Disney propaganda and some corny movie with talking dinosaurs.

Anyway, to recap here are the matchups this week.

The championship game is:

#3 Chris Dilloway vs.
#4 Andrew Leon

The 3rd Place Game is:
#1 Rusty Webb vs.
#7 Michael Offutt

Now for the matchup that means almost nothing:
#2 David Walston vs.
#6 P.T. Dilloway

And bringing up the rear is the Sacko Bowl featuring:
#5 Maurice Mitchell vs.
#8 Briane Pagel

Here are the brackets so you can see how we got here:

Here are the movies to choose from this week:
  • Anchorman 2*
  • American Hustle*
  • Dallas Buyer's Club
  • Delivery Man
  • Frozen
  • Gravity
  • Homefront
  • Last Vegas
  • Out of the Furnace
  • Philomena 
  • Saving Mr. Banks* (Who is Mr. Banks?)
  • The Book Thief
  • The Christmas Candle 
  • The Hobbit:  The Desolation of Smaug
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas 
  • Walking With Dinosaurs*
My picks to ensure I stay in my cozy 6th place hole are:
  1. The Hobbit 2 $40M
  2. Anchorman 2 $35M
  3. American Hustle $20M

Now you make your final picks in the comments.  On Monday night we'll learn who wins!


  1. 1) Anchorman at $49 million (never underestimate the stupidity of the American public in liking similar fare like Duck Dynasty).
    2) Desolation of Smaug at $35 million (all the nerds saw this opening weekend, hence the drop)
    3) American Hustle at $25 million

  2. 1. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues $41M
    2. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug $34M.
    3. American Hustle $24M

    How do you like them apples! Sorry my inner Matt Damon popped out.

  3. It's coming down to the wire. I wonder who will take away the prize.

  4. I bet Chris is waiting to see what I pick before he makes his. bah!
    But, if I wait, I will probably forget to come back and do it later, if I'm even home. I'd hate to just -give- him the win by delaying until it's too late.
    double bah!

    Okay, so:
    1. Anchorman 2: $39m
    2. Hobbit: DoS: $32m
    3. American Hustle: $20m

    1. He's working two jobs right now so he might forget to play and then maybe you'll win by default.

    2. oh... Well, I'd take the win, but I also would hate to win by default. I hope he gets his guess in.

  5. sorry...had lots of work to do today and just got around to this.

    Hobbit: $32m
    Anchorman 2: $26m
    American Hustle: $18m

  6. Almost forgot

    Anchorman 2 $35 mil
    Hobbit 2 $25 mil
    American Hustle $15 mil

  7. I am IN!

    I thought I did this earlier this morning. I completely forgot last night. I woukd have picked Anchorman $80 Hobbit $70 Hustle $10.

    I think it's appropriate that the Sacko was lost by default.

  8. Gotta' love the playoffs. I visualise skating round the ice with the Stanley Cup. Seriously, good luck with this. Being in England, it's a totally different movie game.


  9. I'm guessing it's the sacko for me since I didn't get to enter. :)



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