Monday, December 16, 2013

Box Office Blitz Playoffs Round 2 Results!

Unlike a lot of weeks, this week there was only one trifecta.  Can you guess who got it?  I'll wait...

It was ME!  Since I only won one week of Round 2 and that was week 15, I'm going to take a minute to savor this...
OK, I think that about does it.  The results this weekend were:
  1. The Hobbit 2 $73.6M
  2. Frozen $22.6M
  3. Madea XMas $16M

We'll do my matchup first since I already ruined that.

In the battle between me and Maurice Mitchell, I picked:
  1. The Hobbit 2:  The Search for More Money $80M
  2. Frozen $25M
  3. Tyler Perry's Wearing a Fat Suit Again $15M 
Which as I said is a trifecta for 900 points

Whereas Maurice picked:
1. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smuag: $76 million.
2. Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas $49 million
3. Hunger Games: Catching Fire $11 mil.

That's 200 for the Hobbit and 100 for Madea for 300 points.

So I go on to the 5th place game while it's the Sacko Bowl for Maurice.

And to complete the loser's bracket we have #2 David vs. #8 Briane

David picked:
1. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug $80M
2.Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas $27M
3. Frozen $19M

That's 200 for Hobbit and 100 each for Madea and Frozen for 400 total

Briane picked:
1. The Hobbit: $75 million.
2. Madea's Christmas $50 million
3. Hunger Games $10 mil.

That's 200 for the Hobbit and 100 for Madea for 300 total

So David will play me next week while Briane faces Maurice in the Sacko Bowl

As for the winner's bracket we have

#1 Rusty vs. #4 Andrew

Andrew picked:
1. Desolation of Smaug: $72m
2. That Tyler Perry Christmas thing: $28m
3. Frozen: $18m

That's 200 for Hobbit, 100 for the other 2 for 400 total

Rusty picked:
Hobbit 2: $70 mil
Madea's Christmas $30 mil
Frozen $20 mil

Also 400 total.  But Andrew's Price is Right bidding skills paid off as he's closer to the Hobbit without going over.  That means he moves on to the championship.

Who will he face?  Either #3 Chris Dilloway or #7 Michael Offutt, the Butler Bulldog of this tourney.

Chris picked:
Hobbit pt2 - $83m
madea - $22m
Frozen - $18m

For 400 points

Michael picked:
1) The Hobbit: $85 million
2) Tyler Perry's A Madea's Christmas $35 million
3) Frozen $18 million

Also 400 points.  They both went way over but Chris went less way over, so he moves on.

Here's how the final week shapes up:

The Championship Game:

#3 Chris Dilloway vs.
#4 Andrew Leon

(Loser gets 2nd place.)

Third Place Game:

#1 Rusty Webb vs.
#7 Michael Offutt

(Loser gets 4th Place.)

Fifth Place Game:
#2 David Walston vs.
#6 P.T. Dilloway

(Loser [me] gets 6th place.)

Sacko Bowl:
#5 Maurice Mitchell vs.
#8 Briane Pagel

Loser gets the Sacko and the winner gets 7th place. 

Good luck everyone!


  1. Wow...#1 upset...on to the final round...but I'm not stupid enough to be like some of those idiot athletes that "guarantee" a of luck to all in the final round

  2. Chris: Guarantee a victory! Everybody remembers Joe Namath but nobody remembers Johnny Unitas. I mean except for a bunch of old guys who are always going on about how great Johnny Unitas was. So if you want to be a hero to a bunch of old guys who just sit around and reminisce about the days when bread was a nickel and presidents were allowed to start a dadgum war without all this Congress mucking about, then FINE, play it safe. But if you'd rather have one brief shining moment of glory undone years later by you drunkenly propositioning a woman on national television, well... wait, I can't see an exit strategy here.

    I'm so excited! Playing for seventh place! Watch out, Maurice. This guy doesn't go down without a fight. (He does. He drops like a sack of potatoes hitting the event horizon of a black hole.)

  3. This guy also, it should be obvious, goes third person when he feels like it.

  4. I'll be ready with a tailgate party at the Sacko Bowl.

  5. Here's hoping I will be the very best loser of them all! And I was just thinking, there is no way I can figure out why Madea is so popular, but I'll pick it to do really well because his movies are really popular. And I clearly overestimated his appeal in that opening week. Stupid public, never does what I want it to.

  6. @Rusty: I only picked it at second because you did. I wanted to go with Frozen, but, if I was wrong, you would have won. Playing the odds worked out. This time.

  7. Congrats to the winners! Boo to the sacko! LOL Still fun stuff.



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