Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cover Reveal: Chances Are Paperbacks!

Today I'm doing another cover reveal.  This time it's for my books, which makes it extra-special.  I released the Chances Are books last winter with covers I'd cobbled together.  From a distance they looked passable.  They've sold well enough that I suppose most people didn't really care.  Here are the old and busted covers:
Note the man shadow's cheesy legs I had to add to line up

Note how thin the woman's shadow is

This one is just bad all around.

When I decided to make paperbacks, I initially used the same covers.  The graphics are really too low-res, so they look like crap.  Thus I decided that I should get new covers made.  But I didn't want to reinvent the wheel.  I just wanted to replace the silhouettes on each cover.

So when I heard on Facebook he wasn't that busy, I contacted artist A.L. Sirois, who drew the Scarlet Knight promo comic book.  It turned out to be a little more difficult than either of us expected to get something workable.  Here are the new covers but for some reason Blogger is lightening them in places; this happened on another pic I loaded recently; I don't know what Blogger's deal is with that.  They don't look that way on Amazon or in Paint Shop Pro.

You'll notice too I transposed the text and graphics.  This is to avoid the margins for the paperbacks.  The only margin I have to worry about for the text is the fold on the left side.  The new covers are a bit better resolution, so they look better.  Plus now they're in matte instead of annoying super-glossy format that makes taking a picture of them impossible.
The finished product!

All three paperbacks are for sale on Amazon and Createspace.  They make great gifts!  And stocking stuffers if you have a rather large stocking.


  1. I think you've made significant improvement to these covers. They're now much more stylish and the design is much improved.

  2. And the covers have a matte finish? Wow. That makes them better right off the bat.

  3. These covers are amazing Pat. Welcome to the non-digital age. I like the stylized look of the first book.

  4. I do like the new matte finish. I may have to change mine.

  5. Very cool. I'm glad your books are selling well. I hope Christmas brings you many sales. You deserve it, my friend.

  6. Looks great, man! Big time improvement. And that matte finish looks sexy.



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