Friday, February 8, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 5

It's time for Week 5 of Box Office Blitz!  It's the game where you try to predict who will win the movie box office this weekend. 

Last week I got all three correct, which is obviously a tough act to follow.  That put me in the lead by 600 points, but there's still plenty of time for others to catch up.

Here are this week's slate of movies from my local theater. (*indicates a new release)

Broken City
Bullet to the Head
Gangster Squad
Hansel & Gretel
Identity Thief*
Parental Guidance
Movie 43
Side Effects*
Silver Linings Playbook
Stand Up Guys
Guilt Trip
The Impossible
Warm Bodies
Zero Dark Thirty

Only two new movies and I'm not sold on either of them.  So I will go with:

  1. Warm Bodies $18M
  2. Silver Linings Playbook $10M
  3. Side Effects $8M

After last week you may want to copy me.  Just don't copy the dollar amounts or we're screwed.

As a bonus question last week I asked how many showings the craptacular "Movie 43" would have this week.  The answer remarkably was 5!  I suppose it helped that there are only 2 new movies this week.  From checking the answers last week no one got it right.  So no one gets the 100 point bonus.  But never fear, that means this week's bonus question will be worth 200 points!  I'll make it Yes or No just so we have a winner.  If there's a tie (which I would hope) then I'll use to pick a winner.

Here's the question:
Last week's #8-10 movies made a combined $8M.  Will the bottom 3 of the top 10 make more or less this week?

As usual post your answers in the comments and results will be updated on Sunday.  Good luck!


  1. Identity Theft - $20 mil
    Warm Bodies - $17 mil
    Side Effects - $10 mil

    Bonus Question: Less - I'll blame that NE snowstorm for lower attendance.

  2. Identity Thief 18 mil, Warm Bodies 15 mil, and Side Effects 13 mil

  3. I'm going with less on the bonus.

    Identity Thief -- $24m
    Side Effects -- $16m
    Warm Bodies -- $12m

  4. 1. Identity Thief ($25 mil)
    2. Warm Bodies ($11 mil)
    3. Side Effects ($10 mil)

  5. More on the bonus.

    Warm Bodies $13 mil
    Side Effects $12 mil
    identity thief $10 mil

  6. I'm gonna vote: Identity Thief, Mama and Warm Bodies. I don't bet on box office sales, I don't have a clue.




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