Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Phony Photos: February

If you read January's Phony Photos then you know all year the first Wednesday I'm giving you a corresponding page from my Sims calendar, which was called "SIMply the Best"--ah hahahaha...punny.

And just to clarify, this calendar is only for my personal use.  I doubt anyone else enjoys my Sims characters that much.  Also, this cost like $22 on Shutterfly (that was with a discount) so I doubt anyone else would want to pay that much for a calendar.

Anyway, this is February's image:

This story focuses on a Mexican mother (yes actually Mexican, PC Police, so shut up) and her two kids.  The mom, Elena, is on the far left.  Next to her is her daughter Margarita at 6.  The biggest image is Margarita at 12.  And then at the right is Elena's other daughter Anita at 5.

Besides this story, Elena and Margarita actually show up in volume 2 of the Scarlet Knight series, which is due out in six days!  See if you can find their cameo in the story.  All three characters also appear in my second Stacey Chance story "Little Chance" as well.  Because I'm lazy and just reuse characters.  Also it amuses me to put in little Easter Eggs that no one will care about except for me.

Tomorrow I review something!


  1. That little girl is a cutie. Maybe you could make desktop backgrounds Pat.

  2. Nobody will care about but you... and The Artist.

    I do not remember them from Book 2. But that's probably sleep deprivation and road rage combining to destroy that remaining bit of mind devoted to memory.

  3. You've done a good job with these images. Kids are hard to depict because their features are less distinct than those of adults. Nice work.

  4. I meant to make a comment somewhere about reading the scene in A Hero's Journey that's also in the comic book. Just so you know I know it's in both. The comic features expanded dialogue. I still contend you can work on that. Maybe you are! Maybe you secretly loathe me now. Maybe you have a voodoo SIM character that you've been sticking needles into...

  5. Congrats on your up coming release. Love the Sims.



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