Sunday, February 17, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 6 Results!

Well I was right that Die Hard won the box office, but it made only half of what I thought it would.  I think the R rating probably hurt it.  I mean if it's rated R then it's harder for the kiddos to see it, which is where the real lifeblood of the box office comes from.

Meanwhile Identity Thief performed strong for a second week despite that it's also R rated so maybe disregard what I just said.  Or maybe on Valentine's Day weekend people don't want to watch a violent action movie so much?

Of all the new ones "Safe Haven" performed the best.  I still know absolutely nothing about it.

The numbers were:
Die Hard $25M
Identity Thief $23M
Safe Haven $21M

My picks were:
  1. A Good Day to Die Hard $50M
  2. Identity Theft $18M
  3. Warm Bodies $9M
I get 100 points each for the first two.  So 200 total.

Stephen Hayes guessed:
Beautiful Creatures 20 million
Silver Linings Playbook 11 million
Escape from Planet Earth 10 million

That's a goose egg for him.

Briane Pagel guessed:
1. Die Hard $30 million
2. Beautiful Creatures $12 million
3. Side Effects $10 million.

That's 100 points for him.

Rusty Carl guessed:
Die Hard: $40mil
Beautiful Creatures: $25mil
Identity Theft: $20 mil

That's 100 for Die Hard and 50 for Identity Thief so 150 total.

Andrew Leon guessed:
1. Die Hard: $39m
2. Safe Haven: $30m
3. Identity Thief: $22m

100 for Die Hard and then 50 each for Safe Haven and Identity Thief being in the wrong order.  So 200 total.

 Maurice Mitchell guessed:
1. A Good Day to Die Hard $55M (Die Hard always opens big)
2. Identity Thief - $20 million (The comedy is going strong)
3. Safe Haven - $30 million (Long weekends always bring out the romantics

That's a trifecta!  300 points for him.  That might have won, except...

Tony Laplume guessed:
1. A Good Day to Die Hard ($45 mil)
2. Identity Thief ($25 mil)
3. Safe Haven ($20 mil)

That's another trifecta.  And since Tony was closer to the total for Die Hard, he gets the win and the 500 bonus points.

As for the bonus question, the answer was LESS.  Only two people actually guessed Less:  Andrew Leon and Briane Pagel.  By coin flip Briane gets the 100 point bonus.

And here are your updated scores.  Tony's expanded his lead now to 650 points.  So everyone's got some catching up to do!

Box Office Blitz


6 Total
Tony Laplume 800 2800
PT Dilloway 200 2150
Andrew Leon 200 1600
Rusty Carl 150 900
Maurice Mitchell 300 550
Michael Offutt 0 400
Briane Pagel 200 400
Stephen Hayes 0 250
Donna Hole 0 200
David P King 0 200

1850 9450


  1. But I am coming up strong, Tony. From second-last to fourth-to-last. I'm on the move!

  2. I'm obviously not very good at this.

  3. Well, dammit. I had this real gut feeling that Beautiful Creatures was going to be stronger than expected. Stupid gut, always full of shit.

  4. Alright! I'm getting closer! Watch out Tony!



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