Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for I Don't Understand

Can you people enlighten me about something?  Today at the very top of the "It's Arts & Crafts" entry I said the trivia question was posting at 8pm.  So why is it that when I check over an HOUR later no one bothered to answer it?  Do you just not want my $5?  Is it just way too hard to remember something from this morning?  I'd really like to understand.  It couldn't have been that the question was too difficult because it was pretty obvious.  Even if you didn't know it, the answer was easy to find in the Special Features, Illustrated Chapter 1.

At any rate, I don't really have $5 to waste right now anyway, so fuck it.  I'm not going to beg people to take my money.  That's just ridiculous. 

I guess I'll just get rid of this feature because it's obvious you don't care and I don't feel like wasting my money on it anymore.  Sometimes I'd like to know what the fuck you people DO care about because it doesn't seem to be anything I'm doing.


  1. PT:

    I'm confused. I responded to your morning post and identified what action figures I could, and an hour ago I received a trivia post from you, but when I clicked on it it says the post doesn't exist. I think this is the post you're referring to. Maybe a glitch is keeping us from receiving it?

  2. I don't see a post with the question. The last post before this one is the Arts & Crafts post.

  3. Well, I saw it and was going to say the Louvre, just to be a smart-ass, but then I though, no, I'd kinda like to win... but I couldn't remember for sure so I was going to run downstairs to grab the book, but then my dog crapped all over the living room and the my wife got confused on how to work the new tv and before I got back the post was gone... such is life I guess.

  4. I don't even know what this "Arts and Crafts" thing is about, so I guess I missed out. I would have waited longer than an hour, though, but I don't know what the rules were. I'm rambling because I don't know what else to say.

  5. You can't take things so personally. Christ Almighty, PT. Stop being such a bitch. It's unbecoming. You're trying to catch flies with vinegar. I get that you are frustrated, but for fuck sake.

    Now that you've been scolded, let me just say that I saw the trivia post. But, being a fairly new follower of yours, I didn't know the answer. Have I read your books yet? I haven't. But, I'd put up five dollars that says you haven't read mine either.

    Enough with the guilt trips. You sound like my grandmother.

    1. Yelling at this lot is the only way to get through to them. Or so it seems.

    2. Actually, I kind of liked the rant. I sometimes I wish I had the balls to talk to my followers like that. You're a real role model.

  6. I guess I missed your contest. Don't feel alone. I've had some contests on my blog and not much interest, and I think this is a common problem where small contests just don't spark a lot of interest. It doesn't bother me though, but I stopped doing them. As I said before, blogging is a good place just have a website of sorts and meet other writers, but I don't think it leads to much more than that. If one enjoyes it...that's fine.



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