Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ready for More Arts and Crafts?

As promised, here's the pictures of the Hope Summers X-Men figure I turned into a Scarlet Knight, Mark II figure:

The Mark II version of the Scarlet Knight mostly replaces the gold cape/boots/gloves with silver.  There are some other differences that can't really be captured as well.  Incidentally, this is the smaller version with a converted Dana Sterling Robotech figure and Black Widow Avengers head:

Which one is better?

Anyway, I learned something important during the process, which is that the Hope Summers figure's head can pop right off!  That made it a lot easier to paint around her head because I could just masking tape off her neck and keep her head far away from the paint so I didn't have to worry it would get anything on it.  Plus then I didn't have to cut the cape off of her.

As I hoped, the silver paint went on a lot easier than the yellow paint on the original one.  It went on a lot better than the red paint really.  I could paint the whole cape in just one coat and it dried without a problem.  It went on just as smoothly for her hands and feet too.  Now I should get a third Hope Summers figure and paint the whole thing silver to represent the Silver Seraph in "The Night's Legacy."  Or not.

Sisters, sisters...however that goes...

Here you can see all three Scarlet Knight figures.  The red on the Mark II Hope Summers is a little bit lighter because I used a different brand of paint.  There was a problem with it in that whenever I move her joints the paint starts to flake off.  So the paint on the original one worked better.

The only thing I wish I had for my Scarlet Knight figures was a sword.  I'm sure that would be all but impossible to find, especially one that could fit in her hand.  Of course I could always try to glue it in her hand if I found one.  There is a Katana figure coming out in August with the right type of sword and probably the same size as my Hope Summers figure.  Very interesting...


  1. I definitely have to put the tiny one in third place, simply because the armor makes her look sort of manly. As for the other two, there are things I like about both. I really like how the bigger figures are more feminine. As for the colors, I like the red coloring on the golden version because it seems more glossy in the photo. Glossy is good! I like the contrast between the gold and red as well. I also like the silver because it looks so sleek. That didn't help at all, did it?

    Nice work! I would love to see one in all silver. Hop to it!

    1. Manly? Oh, in what way? In a way that dares not speak its name!

  2. PT:

    I've seen toothpicks in the shape of swords, and you can probably get these at liquor stores. I don't know if they're the right proportion but they are tiny, and even come in different colors.

  3. I think the sword from this figure would work nicely, P.T.

  4. Get some sealer to spray the figures with to keep the paint from flaking off. They have both matte and gloss varieties, although I think gloss always leaves figures too shiny.

    Although the one in armor is probably the one that is most accurate in appearance, the top figure actually looks the best.



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