Thursday, August 8, 2013

Comic Captions 8/8/13

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT:  By the minimal standards of my "publisher" of A Hero's Journey, my latest novel Girl Power is an international best seller!  It hit at least #57 in the category Literature & Fiction > Fantasy > Superhero in the US and #26 for the same category in the UK.  How many copies does it take to be a "best seller?"  In this case, 4 in the US and 2 in the UK.  So it's kind of a chintzy win but I takes 'em any way I can gets 'em.  It is sort of ironic because after all the work I put in on A Hero's Journey it bombed and this book I wrote and put out on a lark with almost no effort does better.  And thanks for voting on the cover.  I guess you guys picked a winner!

Now it's time for another Comic Captions, where your job is to recaption a comic book panel.  The goal of course is to make it as humorous as possible.

This week's comes from All-Star Superman #10

I'll go first
Superman:  #4 or #5?  They all look the same to me.
Now it's your turn!

Tomorrow Box Office Blitz continues with the announcement of a fabulous new prize!


  1. "Even Bruce can't buy a cool chair like this!"

  2. "Dammit - I think I just shit on my cape. AGAIN!"

    Picked up my copy, btw.

  3. I didn't even realize that was an official book; I thought it was just a thing you were doing. So now I should buy it instead of planning on reading it online for free?

    Congratulations on beating JK Rowling. Unless you ARE her, publishing under another pseudonym.

    Captions to follow.

  4. "Was it Dudley? David? DAMMIT, what WAS Gary Coleman's friend's character's name on 'Diff'rent Strokes?'"

  5. Nice work! You went with the right cover. I hope you sell a ton of books!

    As for my caption:

    "Why did I have to take the red pill?"

  6. "I remember when my package looked bigger. I guess everyone gets old, even Superman."

  7. "Winning is winning" Pat. Great job. "I'm not sure if I like the new costume, but I wonder how many sit-ups I needed to get abs like Cavill?"

  8. I need my shoes shined.

    Great job on the stellar sales.



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