Monday, August 5, 2013

The Great Girl Power Cover Off!

I've been getting my latest book Girl Power into shape with some editing (because some of us actually do that, ahem) and soon it will be time to get a final-ish product out there, which means it needs a cover.  So here are some cover designs I came up with for you to decide which you like and don't like.

#1:  Sims 3 Cover:  

This is the cover I used on Wattpad, although I hadn't slapped an author name on it.
The advantages of this cover are it's FREE for me and also the characters look more or less how they should.  The disadvantage is the Sims 3 graphic doesn't scale up in size all that well so it gets a bit fuzzy.

#2:  Smashwords Cover:

This one I tossed together using a graphic I had lying around because it scaled up better for the size Smashwords requires.

The advantage is that it sizes up better.  The disadvantage to me is it's kind of boring, to me.  You may feel differently.

#3:  Two Girls, One Cover:

This is another image I pulled from iStockPhoto

The girls in this might be too young, though with their backs turned it's harder to tell.  The disadvantage for me is this one is more expensive than others.

#4:  Undress Me With Your Eyes:

This is kind of the Superman pose, only it's a girl.  And just to be misogynistic look how I fit the title around her boobs!

The disadvantage of this one is the picture is longer horizontally so I have to deform it to make it the right shape for a cover.

#5 Middle-Aged Superhero

I can't think of a clever title for this one.

The disadvantage is I think this chick skews a little on the old side.  I'm just saying.

#6:  Superfriends

This is a group of superheroes so it holds closer to the first one

The disadvantages are you have 5 heroes not 4 like in the book and why does it look like they're posing in a police lineup room?

So do any of these strike your fancy?  Or maybe you have a better idea?  BTW, do you like the glowing pink text effect from Power Point?


  1. Don't be pissed, but I hate the pink. It's pretty pepto bismol. The pink really clashes with the colors on every cover with the exception of the black and white one. The chick in the black and white picture doesn't really look like a superhero; at least not compared to the others.

    I like the last photo. Maybe you could photoshop out the girl in the center and the weird police lineup lines. I hope this is somewhat helpful.

  2. Don't go with Ruth Bader Ginsburg in superhero drag unless you're looking to sell to the Sanka crowd.

    I like the girl busting out of her shirt. What if you cropped it instead of stretching it?

  3. Oh, the pink? I'm not crazy about it.

  4. I don't know the type of story it is, but I like the Smashwords cover best. Some others are pretty good too though. I don't mind pink.

  5. I agree about the pink, but the photo of the woman wearing black sunglasses works best foe me. The others seem a bit too childish, in a dated way.

  6. I like Number 2 the best... You're running into the same problem I had with trying to find stock images of heroes.. the selection out there is just pathetic. I ended up going with a plain, text-only cover. I'm not thrilled with it but it was better than the cheesy hero selection I could find online.

    I agree with the pink.. it's not a good color. They all look too amateurish and professional will sell the book!

  7. Hmmm...the pink clashes except for the second one, which I like the best. The one with the woman in the dark shades. It's not cartoonish like the others.

  8. Of all of them the one with the Superman pose works the best although you're right about the title placement. You could put the title in an arc over the shoulders.



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