Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Phony Photos: August

From my SIMply the Best calendar it's August's page.  Last month I introduced Val from my story Perfect Worlds and now it's time to introduce her girlfriend Kari.  Hooray!

If you were paying attention, you might recognize the center one as the Lady in Red from last year.  Or probably not.  Anyway, that's Kari in her young 20s as a hot secretary.  On the left is Kari a little older and more mature with brown hair and funky sports goggles.  On the bottom right is Kari a little older yet and back to red hair.  And at the top is Kari in her awkward teen phase with pimples and tattoos around her collar.

And here's the Sims 3 version:

Next month this series ends with the homewerecker who ruins Val and Kari's relationship.

BTW, according to the Sims calendar today is Stacey Chance's birthday!  (I think because it's about the day I started writing the first book in 2011.)  So why not celebrate by getting all three books for a mere $1.98?
Happy Birthday!


  1. I find it amazing how well you can visualize your characters. I was once a portrait painter but I'm really poor at visualizing my characters. Maybe this is why I haven't been able to find an agent/publisher.

  2. Cool! They look great. good luck with your sales!

  3. Nice looking characters. I admire your creativity.




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