Monday, November 10, 2014

Grammar Pro Tip

Sunday, just out of boredom because the Bears-Packers game was a total blowout, I got to reading the Girl Power Omnibus, which I published a couple of weeks ago to try extracting more money from an unsuspecting public.
Buy my book!  Buy my book!

Anyway, I'm only 7% in (which doesn't seem like much but this is 3 novels plus a book of short stories) but I noticed one of those little grammar quirks that sometimes occur to me.  Maybe a sentence like this looks right to you:

After fifteen years, it's become tiresome.

But I realized the contraction could be confusing.  It should say:
After fifteen years, it HAS become tiresome.

But you could misinterpret it as:
After fifteen years, it IS become tiresome.

So it's the kind of thing I decide to go in and try to correct whenever possible.  I'm sure I do it all the time in books, at least present tense ones.  I actually noticed this problem in some of my erotica books, which is probably why I was looking for it now.

Anyway, there's a pro tip on grammar for you.  Free of charge!


  1. Pro Tips are useless when you are staring at 150,000 words or more. It's just too much content to catch everything.

    But thanks for the pro tip anyway. I'm sure it will be useful in 2000 word bites.

  2. I just avoid using "It's" in that situation. People use it conversation, but technically some grammar guru might complain and say the book is riddled with grammar problems.

  3. Huh. I'd never have considered that. Well, the thought had crossed my mind before. But like Michael said, in a work that long it's all a big blur.



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