Monday, November 3, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America: Grand Finale

You probably haven't caught up with this blog since last week, in which case you missed a hell of a lot!

And now as you're reading this, I'm on my way back west, today to Lordsburg on the New Mexico/Arizona border.  After that it's back to Scottsdale, AZ for at least a couple of weeks.  (In the same Extended Stay America, though probably not the same room.)  So Grumpy Bulldog Does America is in Operation Shutdown right now.  To put it simply, I'm just about broke.  It wouldn't be much longer until I'm standing by an onramp with a sign begging for money.  That's why I've had to stay at shitty motels the last couple of weeks, except in Colorado Springs.

I could have tried pushing on to Texas or something, but when I was in Scottsdale there was pretty much everything I need:  my bank, pharmacy, a decent Chinese buffet restaurant, and a conveniently located Starbucks.  Really they just need more Panera Breads.  And I did at least get one nibble there, unlike Seattle, which also would be too far away to go back to.

The plan is to try to get a suit and then try to get at least a temp/seasonal job or something to raise some extra money.  I really should take a look at freelance writing sites too.  Maybe I could get some money that way.  I mean my sales on Amazon have been good the last few months, but that only pays out once a month and the payment is for sales from two months ago.

Maybe I should just start a Kickstarter.  That worked for that guy wanting to make potato salad.

Anyway, people have asked what I liked the most and I don't really have one set answer.  It was cool seeing stuff like Mount Rushmore, the Space Needle, Hoover Dam, the Vegas Strip, the Great Salt Lake, and Carlsbad Caverns.  It was great how Michael Offutt and his crew made me feel at home in Salt Lake City.  And I liked just driving across America, even if I did get really sick of mountains and bug splattering on my car.  So there's a lot of good memories in there, even if it didn't work out like one of those road trip movies.

Of course this doesn't mean the road trip is over forever; it's just on hiatus for right now.  At some point I should edit all these posts together into an ebook.  Maybe I could give that away as a prize for my Kickstarter campaign!

And in the meantime, I've still got this to work on:
I personally think that's kind of neat, like the title is tattooed on her back.  But you probably disagree.


  1. You are always welcome to drive back to SLC too. I know it's not Scottsdale, but you have a little support here with the friends you've made and the economy isn't too bad either. You could probably get a temp job really fast.

  2. So sorry to hear you're broke Pat, but what an adventure you've had. I've heard elance is good for freelance writing jobs. The tat on the back works for me.

  3. I had this crazy idea today about you. If you became a truck driver, you could drive all over the country. Of has to be trained and certified...and all that. Plus with being a truck comes with a place to sleep.

    Anyway, I once sold some articles on this site:
    People are always looking for content for their websites..maybe you could do travel(like what motels to From what I recall, you post the article and if it sells you get paid.

  4. You could always come home!!!! It would be nice if you came home for Christmas. Your family, especially Moogie, misses you and would actually like you to come back.

  5. I've been considering a kickstarter, but I haven't made a decision about it, yet. They take a lot of support that I'm not sure I could pull together.

    heh I can see you as a truck driver.



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