Monday, November 17, 2014

The Job Hunting Blues

A week ago I was a really popular guy in the labor market.  I had three different recruiters pursuing me!  And now we're pretty much back to square one.  That's how it goes.

Last Monday afternoon I was writing at Arby's when I got a phone call from this accounting temp agency.  The annoying thing was then I had to go to FedEx Office and print a bunch of stuff out, which cost like $7.

The next morning I got an email from JC Penney saying my suit was at the mall in Tempe, so the good thing was interview at the temp place was at 3:30.  I had time then to pick up the suit, though the pants were too long, so I just wore the jacket with my blue Dockers-type pants.

I went in there and this time wasn't really nervous because I've done these stupid temp agency things before.  The lady already gave herself a good excuse not to find me any jobs:  I'm not being specific enough!  Um, yeah, maybe because I have no money and beggars can't be choosy.  But how am I going to find you a job if you aren't super picky about which job you want?  Of course if I was being super picky then she'd say there's no jobs for that criteria.  I had to fill out a shitload of paperwork, which I'm sure was all a big waste of time.

The next day I'd been playing phone tag with this lady from some college.  She finally got through when I was at Starbucks writing.  She got really skittish by I guess my talking louder.  I mean she just asked me two questions and then was like, "Well, um, that's all the questions I had."  Really?  You wanted to call me to ask two piddly questions?  Then the next day I got a form email saying I wasn't being considered anymore.  If someone talking on a cell phone at Starbucks rattles you that much, maybe you're in the wrong profession.

There was some guy from another accounting temp firm who sent me an email that started off, "Hi Amanda."  And I'm like, "Amanda?"  His excuse:  My Indeed profile must be doing something.  Uh-huh.  That's pretty fucking lame.  More likely your mail-merge fucked up.

I saw the Staples across from my motel was hiring so I sent them an application too.  I haven't heard anything back.

Anyway, hunting for a job sucks, but does it suck as much as trying to get your book published?  That's my topic today on Indie Writers Monthly!


  1. They recently threatened my job here in Utah, but I'm safe for now. It has to do with budget cuts and stuff. All the people across the hall from me got fired and are unemployed as of December 1st. Anyway, it got me to wondering what I'd do if I lost my job.

    Well for one, I'd go sign up for unemployment and for two, I'd look for work anywhere in the United States. And I actually mean "anywhere." The kind of job I'd be looking for is "Technical Writer" as that's what my degree is in.

    Anyway, I found a bunch of openings. One was in Santa Barbara, another in Oregon, and a third in D.C. I honestly could care less between all of those as I wouldn't be picky. Which leads me to ask: why aren't you pursuing jobs everywhere? Are you dead set on Arizona? Dude, if I were you, I'd toss resumes everywhere from Utah to New York City and see where your hat lands. You have no ties, no strings, and that's a kind of freedom in its own right.

  2. I've hated every job hunt I've ever done Pat and it sucks that you had to pay to print out your resume. Maybe the library?

  3. Some of these company websites where you have to apply online can take over an hour. This may include a personality test (just to steal more of your time) Then a lot of people don't know how to interview, so that leaves it up to you to do all the talking. One tip that worked well for me is taking some sort of proof with you of the work you can do. In my case, I brought samples of excel spreadsheets. The whole key is to stand out from the crowd.

  4. "P.T. Dilloway" has been included in the fourteenth edition of our November Nudges series. Be assured that we hope this helps to send many new customers your way.

  5. You should start listing yourself as employed (as a writer, because that's true). People are more likely to hire you if you're already employed.

  6. Awww! I totally get what you mean. Looking for a job can get so frustrating. Companies can be very picky, although there's absolutely no reason to blame them for being so. I just hope companies will give out more opportunities to train those who they think may have the potential to do great in the fields they have available. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Pat! I wish you all the best on your job hunting!

    Waylon Grimm @ All Force Labour Solutions



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