Monday, July 11, 2016

Introducing: Sims I Like

Here's your summer filler.  A little riff on on Andrew Leon's "Pictures I Like."  It's Sims I Like, based on Sims characters I've made based on books I wrote.  I'll have a new one every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until Labor Day just to keep things active.  Plus, did I mention I like these Sims?

Let's start with one you're probably familiar with:  Stacey Chance from Chance of a Lifetime

This is a pretty good likeness for what Stacey looks like after she goes to a thrift store and gets some girl clothes for the first time.  Because Stacey was a man just a few hours ago, the clothes she chooses are somewhat unisex:  a jacket, T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, all in neutral colors, not pink.  She has the straight brown hair parted in the center and not much makeup of someone who is not familiar with dolling herself up.

Of course by the end of the book she gets into girlier clothes and more makeup and such.

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