Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sims I Like: Boldly Going Gender Swap

Monday Cindy Borgne suggested that gender swapped versions of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy from Star Trek would be interesting and it reminded me that a month or so ago I downloaded Star Trek uniforms based on the reboot movies.  So now, beam up gender swapped Kirk, Spock, and McCoy:

First, Jamie T. Kirk.  I would have used a bouffant like Yeoman Rand but I don't have one, so this seemed pretty close.  The figure is really sexual with huge breasts.  Also plenty of makeup, big dangly earrings, and tall spike-heeled boots.

Next, Dr. Lenore McCoy.  She's not as sexy since she's middle-aged.

Finally, um, Ms. Spock.  Anyway, not a lot of makeup or anything.  I haven't really figured out how to make pointed ears but the hair covers it up anyway.

And just for the fun of it, here are the other main characters:
Mona Scott

Scotty I made a little chunkier like the movie one.
Hikaru Sulu

Sulu has sword-shaped earrings as a reference to the episode when he went crazy and started waving a sword around.
Antonia Chekov

Chekov is the youngest so she's a teen instead of an adult.
Mr. Uhura

For some reason I don't have the male version of the uniform, so I used something close for Uhura.  The goatee is a reference to the evil parallel universe where Spock had a goatee and the earring is supposed to be like the thing Uhura always had in her ear.


  1. My eyes widened at seeing those Star Trek uniforms! I especially like what you've done with Spock and Sulu. I always think of swords when it comes to Sulu.

  2. Love the Star Trek uniforms !!

    It's fun to see all the female versions of the male characters.



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