Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sims I Like: Graveyard Girl

For Part 2 of Goth Girls week, this is the first one I made for the Sims 4 from the first story in Transformed Into a Goth Girl.  The idea was to make make a girl sort of like the cover for that book.  Though I suppose on the cover the girl has a more purplish corset and wilder purple hair, but whatever.  The story itself is about a guy who plays this old record by a band called the Graveyard Girls (which is based off a song by M83) and when he listens to a certain song on the record it makes him look like this girl.

Not a fan of the boots but I guess I didn't have anything better at the time.  The ripped stockings are kind of neat.  The tats are so light because the skin I used isn't a standard game one so it's more like the tats are under the skin instead of overlaid on it.  It does look kind of interesting.

This is the original book cover to compare and contrast:
The extra black space on the edges was for the paperback version on CreateSpace.

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