Friday, August 12, 2016

Sims I Like: Renee Kim

This last teenager could also have fit in last week with the Goth characters.  Renee Kim first appeared in the 5th and 8th Tales of the Scarlet Knight books as a Korean-American genius girl.  Her signature look was she wore pigtails of varying bright colors.  They started out as turquoise and changed colors a couple of times in the 8th book.

As one of those things I do, I worked her into some other books.  And then as kind of a meta-inside-joke I wrote I've Become My Asian Girl fantasy Too around her.  It's about a writer who created a series of books about a girl named Renee Kim who at night turns into a succubus who literally fucks guys to death.  Except like Ghost Rider or Spawn she only uses her demonic powers on bad guys.  Anyway, in the story the writer gets bonked on the head and in the dream finds himself inside the final book he was writing.

Anyway, this is the character created with the Sims 3.  I've tried in the Sims 4 but it never quite looks right. 

So you've got the turquoise pigtails with some funny decorations, white glasses, a cool black leather jacket, white T-shirt, and dragon or devil wing necklace.  Probably could use a little more makeup, but otherwise she's totally awesome.

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