Monday, December 5, 2016

Amazon KDP and CreateSpace: Worlds Are Colliding!

Saturday I went to look up my book sales as I do about thirty times a day and noticed the sales graph was a little different:
Click to embiggen as Offutt would say

In case you don't notice, I circled what they added:  a third line for your paperback sales.  Which as you can see, my line is flat because I hardly ever sell paperbacks.

When I went to the dashboard I saw they had added more stuff for paperbacks:

Basically what they're doing is combining your KDP dashboard with CreateSpace, probably because they think it'll make it easier for people to create paperbacks and help with their master plan to dethrone and demolish all traditional publishing. (Mwahahahaha)

It's pretty similar to what you can already do on Draft2Digital.  I don't know about B&N since I haven't actually published a book there in a long time.  Anyway, you can just click the link to "create paperback."  As you can see with Choose Your Own Gender Omnibus I actually clicked it to see how it worked.

With Draft2Digital it takes your ebook file and converts it into a PDF that isn't exactly perfect formatting but isn't terrible; I actually used that for a couple of Transformed series books I published through CreateSpace.  But of course Amazon can't do that.  Instead, they still want you to create your own interior file like you do with CreateSpace.

Which made me snort and say, "What's the fucking point then?"  Why merge the platforms if I still have to do all the fucking work of making the fucking book?  I mean you have the ebook file already loaded, so why can't you just convert it automatically like Draft2Digital does?

Yes I'm lazy that way.  Formatting paperbacks is annoying, which is part of the reason I don't have more of them.  The lack of sales is the more important reason though.  So I can't imagine I'd have much use for this in the future, but other writers might.

It's still a "beta feature" so if you use KDP and don't see this yet then I guess you just weren't special enough for the beta, but eventually it will be coming.  For all the good it will do you.


  1. Not special enough (yet), but I did hear others mention it. I set up a paperback recently and what a struggle. It's my own fault though because I forgot a bunch of stuff.

  2. It sounds like a pain but I'm one of those weirdos who like paperback books. So I appreciate the effort Pat



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