Thursday, December 22, 2016

On the Ninth Day of Indie Bookmas...Small Town Hero by Jessica Stank

On the Ninth Day of Indie's someone far more athletic than me, Jessica Stank!

Alexander Quinn is a senior at Sydney High, in a tiny farm town in Michigan. He's football star who dreams of playing in the NFL. He lives on a dairy farm with his parents and his father Carl has plans for him to take over the family farm.

Natalie Sullivan is a junior at Alexander's school and she wants nothing more than to win his attention. Her family lives a stone's throw away from the Quinn farm and she has had a crush on Alex for as long as she can remember.

An unexpected illness disrupts everyone's plans and leaves Alexander's hope for a future looking bleak. His family is willing to do anything to save him; even if that means leaving the country for experimental treatment.

This treatment comes at a very high cost, in more ways than one. It also comes with some very strange side effects.

Could Alexander Quinn be the world's first superhuman?

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