Thursday, April 6, 2017

A to Z Challenge: Elita-1 vs Eagle Eye

I said Arcee was the first recurring female Transformer but she wasn’t the first female Transformer. In a second season episode of the TV show, Optimus Prime and a few Autobots return to Cybertron and hook up (probably literally) with a group of female freedom fighters led by Elita-1. Elita was basically Optimus Prime’s girlfriend, though they couldn’t really say as much on a show for kids in 1985.

In the episode Elita-1 uses her “special power” to stop time and save Optimus Prime from Shockwave. Optimus Prime takes her to Alpha Trion, who has Prime link with her and save her life. It’s kind of like Transformers sex, hee hee, though little kids wouldn’t get that.  And that’s the last we saw of her and the other female Autobots in that group. What happened to them? Who knows? In the second season episode "War Dawn" it's hinted that Orion Pax's badly damaged girlfriend was going to be rebuilt by Alpha Trion, but that's really the only other reference to her.  She didn’t show up in the comics, at least the US one. Some of the others turned up in the IDW comic, but I don’t think Elita-1 was part of them.

Like Arcee it took a long time for her to get a toy made; and like Arcee I think it was actually a motorcycle, not the TV version.  She and Arcee were motorcycles in the second live action movie.  Like all the new characters in that they looked stupid and didn't do a whole lot.


I mentioned in my introduction post that it was really hard to find a Decepticon starting with E. Seriously, none of the original series of characters started with E. It wasn’t until the second series of Generation 2 toys in about 1995 that there was finally a character with E: Eagle Eye!  Even this is kind of a cheat since he was basically a reissue of a European Generation 1 character named Hawk.

He didn't really have much of a role in the Generation 2 comic in the US at least.  He was kind of a useless character.

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  1. As far as I know, only Arcee and Chromia have gotten official G1-inspired toy releases...nothing for Elita-One, Firestar, Greenlight, Lancer, or Moonracer although you're right that one of the motorcycles in RotF had a toy named Elite-One although the only dialogue spoken in the film referred to the character Arcee.



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