Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A to Z Challenge: Victorion vs Vortex

Before last Christmas Amazon had the Victorion combiner toy on sale and my brother asked me to buy it for him, so I did and that in part got me looking at some of the other Transformers toys and so I ended up buying a new version of Blurr, Thundercracker, Skullsmasher, and Roadbuster on sale.

Anyway, Victorion was designed by fans in some kind of contest and has the distinction of being the first female combiner robot. How weird would it be if it had sex with one of the other combiners in human fashion? It’d be like Godzilla and King Kong getting it on. Weird. Anyway, here’s more about it:


Speaking of combiners, Vortex was part of the Combatacons who formed Bruticus. Vortex turned into a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter and then became one of the arms of Bruticus. The toy was reissued in the Generation 2 set and then later in the Combiner Wars toy line. They were recolored for those sets though the original Vortex was gray.

In the cartoon series, Starscream is banished to Guadalcanal and finds a bunch of old World War II vehicles that he somehow turns into modern vehicles—including a space shuttle! For personalities he goes to Cybertron and steals the brains of five Decepticon renegades being held in a sort of electronic prison.  These become the Combatacons he tries to use for revenge on Megatron, but of course his scheme ultimately fails. Bruticus remains with the Decepticons, into the third season of the TV show.

I think the Combatacons appeared a few times in the Marvel comics series, but they weren’t really superstars or anything. They also appear in the IDW series, especially in the Combiner Wars story. Besides Vortex there was Swindle (a jeep), Blast-Off (space shuttle), Brawl (tank), and Onslaught, the artillery truck that became the torso of Brutucus. Vortex himself isn’t all that interesting, but oh well.

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  1. I really like the design of Victorion (although maybe they should've tried to come up with a better name).



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