Saturday, April 29, 2017

A to Z Challenge: Yukikaze vs Yokuryu

Y was just as difficult as X to find someone for.  I had to go all the way to Japan!

For the first couple of years the Transformer toys in Japan were the same as in America.  Then Takara in Japan started to make toys that were exclusive to Japan.  One of the Autobots was a “Trainbot” called Yukikaze.  I can’t tell you much about him because the file card and packaging are in Japanese.  He’s one of a couple of toys that look like bullet trains.  American toys had similar trains about 15 years later that tied into one of the animated shows.

There were apparently six Trainbots who turned into “Raiden.”  Neat.  Here, you can read more online:

As part of a group called “Dinoforce” there was a Decepticon called Yokuryu.  He was a pterosaur Pretender shell with a smaller robot inside.  The robots from the six members of Dinoforce combined into a robot called Dinoking.

The main thing about them is they aren’t very smart.  Read more here

Well there you go, a couple of Ys!  Honestly, couldn’t they come up with some American Y names?  Like Yellowjacket could have been a recolor of Waspinator.  Or Yelp!  Yahoo!  Yeezy?  Come on, there’s got to be something else there.

My A to Z Challenge concludes Monday with the Z entry!

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  1. It's funny how the Japanese had their own version.



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