Monday, May 1, 2017

A to Z Challenge: Zeta Prime vs Zarak

Sorry to offend the A to Z Gods, but I had a special post yesterday, so I'm doing Z today.

Z is pretty difficult too.  For the Autobots we’ll go to the IDW comics and Zeta Prime.  He was sort of the Senator Palpatine of Autobots:  a ruthless jerk who took over and then set himself up as the unquestioned dictator.

Make Cybertron Great Again!
Zeta Prime inherited the leadership from Sentinel Prime just as Cybertron was facing an energon shortage and dissent from Megatron and his Decepticon faction.  So Zeta tried to crush the upstart Decepticons with a new security force led by a dude named Orion Pax.  Remember him?  The guy who became Optimus Prime?  Yeah, him.  In the Autocracy miniseries, Zeta plans to drain Cybertronian slum inhabitants of their energon to use it for his own purposes.  (Repbulicans would really love this guy!)  When Orion Pax decides he’s not comfortable with essentially killing thousands of Cybertronians, Zeta turns on him.

Only by Orion Pax and Megatron uniting their forces are they able to defeat Zeta Prime.  Though then Megatron betrays Orion and takes power for himself, proving to be just as bad.

There are of course no toys for Zeta Prime—yet.  He hasn’t really appeared anywhere else, though some people say one of the unnamed former Autobot leaders in the first episodes of the third season of the old cartoon is named Zeta Prime, but that’s not really official.


Zarak isn’t really much of a Transformer, at least not in the US.  He’s the Nebulon who became Scorponok’s head.  Despite that Scorponok was about a foot tall, Zarak was the same size as every other Headmaster Nebulon at the time.  Scorponok had kind of a football helmet that would surround Zarak then so he wouldn’t look quite so disproportionate.

Zarak is the little purple-and-white dude
In the TV show and the Marvel comic Zarak is the leader of a group of evil Nebulons who decide for…reasons to make themselves the heads and guns of Decepticons.  It never really makes a ton of sense in either the TV show or comic; it was a gimmick that was better as a toy than a storytelling concept.  In the Marvel US comic Scorponok was the leader of the Decepticons just before the final issues.  He even "won" when Optimus Prime surrendered to him because Unicron was on the way and they needed to set aside their differences.  Scorponok (and presumably Zarak) were killed by Unicron to buy time for Optimus and the Matrix to show up.

Anyway, in Japan Zarak becomes kind of synonymous with Scorponok.  There’s a “MegaZarak” and “BlackZarak.”

In the IDW comics miniseries Monstrosity Scorponok leads the Decepticons (briefly) but of course this is before the whole Headmasters thing so Zarak is not around.

 That does it for the A to Z Challenge (again).  Maybe you learned something.  Maybe not.  Whatever.  I had some fun reliving old and new memories about my fave childhood toys.  So there.


  1. It was fun. I don't read the comics very often so kinda cool to read about some of what's happening there and you covered lots of favorites, some lesser-known ones, and I know a few letters were kinda hard to find a good example. Thanks!

  2. I learned quite a bit. Wish I would've known about these when my son was younger. He would've loved them. I mean, I knew about the movies, but didn't really know there was such a wide collection.

  3. I also had a lot of fun with these posts. Many of my friends were big Transformers fans back in the day.



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