Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Batman v Superman v Secret Origins

Since I started writing all those gender swap stories as Eric Filler, I had been thinking of rewriting my Girl Power superhero gender swap books under that name but never really got around to it.  When I went to the theater to watch Batman v Superman, I had the thought of doing something with that.  The idea I thought of was what if these two heroes were turned into girls who had to go back to high school?  It seemed pretty obvious to me that the Superman character would be the pretty, popular type girl and the Batman character would be the nerdy outcast.

I didn't really do anything with the idea for months, until last January.  I made the decision then not to make it an erotica story, mostly because I thought it'd be neat if the Batman character was a lowly freshman on top of being nerdy.  So there wasn't any sex involved, just some making out.

But I did fix one of the things that I really didn't like about BvS, which was:  why the hell was Batman so pissed off at Superman anyway?  Sure there was destroying half of Metropolis in Man of Steel, but that wasn't really Superman's fault.  And up to their little Dark Knight Returns-inspired throwdown in BvS, Superman hadn't really done anything to make himself much of a threat, except for telling Batman to stop murdering and/or branding criminals.  There just never seemed to be much of a reason for the conflict except that they wanted a Dark Knight Returns-inspired throwdown for the trailers and such.

So in my story I made sure there actually was a reason for the characters to fight.  Basically Camille, the Superman-type character, becomes the hottest, most popular girl in school and a superhero being fawned over by everyone to boot.  It all starts to go to her head.  At one point she snaps at Wendy, the Batman-type character, who then starts to formulate a plan to take down Camille should it ever come to it.  And of course it has to come to it!  At the prom, Camille doesn't win the queen of the prom, which instead goes to a rival popular girl.  So she starts going Carrie on everyone and Wendy has to jump in to stop her.  Thus there's actually a reason that they fight! 

It's not necessarily a great fight because even with some specially designed armor, Wendy isn't much of a match for a superpowered alien who is really, really pissed off.  But all she has to do is hold Camille off until the other half of her plan unfolds, involving Camille's ultimate weakness:  her human upbringing.  Essentially they reason with Camille, who then goes into self-imposed exile until the ultimate big bad shows up.

It might have worked better in BvS if Luthor kidnaps Superman's mommy, he goes tearing apart Metropolis to find her, and then Batman steps in to fight him until they agree to work together.  Or if Luthor kidnaps Superman's mommy and says "You're working for me now" and has Superman go steal something for him or something and then Batman goes after him.  At least then you have a logical conflict that also doesn't make Batman seem like a raving asshat.

All of which is to say:  Buy Secret Origins for $2.99 on Kindle or $6.99 in paperback!

Cookie Scene:  Unlike BvS I do have a final scene in the regular chapters and an epilogue that serve as one of those cookie scenes at the mid-credits/end of superhero movies.  In this case it concerns a new superhero who's based on the Flash.  I kept referencing this one scientist throughout the story but never having him interact with the main characters.  Then in the end we find out during the final battle this scientist turned into a hot young lady with superspeed who now goes by the handle Bluestreak.  If I do a sequel it will probably focus more on her.  Maybe I'll get an idea for that when I go to watch Wonder Woman or Justice League.

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