Monday, May 29, 2017

In Memoriam...Blogger Edition

Today's Memorial Day so it seems like a good time to honor those who used to read this blog.  Those blogger buddies can be broken into a few categories.

Special Mention, Dead IRL
Yzerbear19, aka Melissa Dilloway

My sister was not a regular blog reader but she did comment from time-to-time

Now the less depressing entries.

Because Life, You Know?
Rusty Webb
Jay Noel
David Walston
Neil Vogler
Stephen Hayes
Lisa Potts

I know Rusty and David have been busy and Jay has been sick, so not really into blogging anymore.  I still see Rusty around Goodreads, where he usually has epic reviews.  Neil I still follow on Twitter.  He has an album out that's a good listen.  I still read Stephen Hayes (aka the Chubby Chatterbox)'s blog and sometimes he emails me.  Lisa was someone I knew from and followed my original writing blog for a while but then I guess she got busy.

Those Who Pissed Me Off:
Andrew Leon
Briane Pagel

I don't need to explain that, do I?

Those I Pissed Off:
Michael Offutt
Tony Laplume
Laura Diamond

I'm still in contact with Offutt but Laplume has mostly dropped off the grid.  I don't know what his deal is other than I didn't like his one book like 4 years ago.  Talk about holding a grudge.  Laura was a sometimes reader of my first blog until I pissed her off about some other friend using the same cover image as another of my Facebook "friends."

With the exception of Andrew Leon, if anyone else on this list wants to read my blog again, they're more than welcome to.  It is kind of sad on the Internet how we just lose touch with people.  I suppose to some extent that happens in real life too.  That's just life, both "real" and online.

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  1. Online friends can easily fade away. I've had it happen over and over. It can be sad. Although it helps to stay in touch if they happen to be active on facebook. As for Michael Offutt, he doesn't comment on my blog either. I guess he is too busy.



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